For Better or For Worse

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Book: For Better or For Worse by Desirae Williams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Desirae Williams
Tags: Drama, Suspense, love, pain
as we entered a vacant lot.
    I looked dead at her unable
to maintain my composure any longer. “Ok first of all, I was just
trying to spend some time with your crazy ass before you started
school…second I don’t need you to be here if you don’t want to be,
and dammit to be honest I can’t wait until you leave because
clearly you out of your damn m….” It wasn’t a second later until
she pressed her lips against mine, crawled over and sat right in my
lap. My tongue couldn’t help but mingle with hers, as she got
comfortable on my lap. I pressed the seat back giving us more room
and buried my hands in her curly hair that always smelt so good, I
felt her c cup breast that were making an appearance at this point,
and strolled down her perfectly rounded ass.
    Lucy kept swirling her
tongue around in my mouth and sat down lower on my pelvic causing
my libido to jump. Realizing where this was going I quickly threw
her off and back into the passenger seat, while I managed to crawl
out of the car. It took a minute before I got the feeling back in
my leg and slowly stood up. Lucy and I hadn’t engaged in any type
of sex during our relationship so far. She wanted her first time to
be special but a second later she would have been in trouble in the
backseat. I quickly caught my breath and she stepped out of the
car. “What’s wrong with you?” Lucy asked innocently. I looked at
her like she was insane. “What’s wrong with me? What the hell do
you mean what’s wrong with me...You just have been acting a fool
all night then out of nowhere you jump on my sack. What the hell is
wrong with you?”
    She took a deep breath and
walked closer to me her face was somber and it threw me off. “You
are going to forget about me aren’t you?” I rubbed my face trying
to understand what she meant. “What?” She eyed me watching my body
language intently like some CIA type of shit. “I’m going to go off
to college and you are going to forget all about me. You’re going
to find some other girl and not give me the time a day. The same
way you did at the burger place. I figured the end was coming for
us so why not finish it now.” She hung her head down and I saw her
blinking back tears. I shook my head and thought, did she really
think so little of me? I stood right in front of her and brought
her face up to mine. “Woman, how many times do I have to tell you
if I wanted somebody else, I’ll go be with them? Just because
you’re going off to college doesn’t mean shit? I’m not going
anywhere.” She gave me a faint smile, the one I had been waiting to
see all night.
    “ Unless your ass continues
to act crazy like you did tonight.” I said with a stern face. She
laughed at her own actions and I shook my head. “It isn’t funny; I
could have strangled your ass tonight.” She fell into my arms and
gave me a hug. “I’m sorry.” I held her up against the car she gave
me the sad eyes which everyone woman did when she knew she was
wrong. “You forgive me?” I looked away wanting to make her sweat it
out. “I forgive you, but I’m not over it.” She laughed at my
mockery and brought my lips down to hers. As my tongue slipped in
her mouth my legs went numb again. She broke away from me and
asked, “You over it now?” I nodded, “Yeah I’m good.”

    Grant and I argued for
hours last night, this was the second time I had to cancel a
business dinner with is coworkers. We spent the whole night yelling
to the top of our lungs and not in the good way. Nothing got
resolved as usual and I showed up to work looking a hot mess. My
light blue button up shirt was not tucked, my navy suit looked
wrinkle, and to my own embarrassment I wore the wrong shoes. “Oh
honey, you look awful, what happened?” Megan saw as I came in and
quickly rushed me to my office not to be seen. I hung my head down
in my chair and confessed the whole story. “We’ll have you ever
tried listening to his side, he may feel like you’re

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