Blood & Lust: The Calling

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Authors: Scarlett Rain
Blood Lust I:  The Calling
    The pitch darkness beckoned to him, urging him to just stay lying in the bed, next to the warm body wound up around his own.  He didn’t have much recollection on how he’d gotten there, or who she even was, but then, did it really matter either way ?  His hunger was coming back, one that he was all too familiar with, but it was one that he also couldn’t quite grow accustomed too.  He had an insatiable blood lust, and viewing the visage lying curled up beside him in that moment, he could think of nothing more than snapping her neck. 
    He shook himself, trying to think of the love making that they must have shared.  While glimpses of it appeared in his shadowed mind, he still favored the idea of killing her so much more.  In fact, it was the thought of ramming his growing hardness into her, while at the same time, slowly draining the life from her which seemed more than pleasant to him.  He knew that it made him a monster, at least to most it would, but he was at a crossroads. 
    He couldn’t remember human emotion very well, other than carnal lust itself.  He had a vague recollection of imprinting, or needing to imprint before he lost all semblance of humanity, but as yet he hadn’t.  He’d also gotten over the pain of shifting, and in fact could do so of his own free will, not just by the power of the moon any longer.  It was strange, because he developed the strangest cravings right before he did shift from his human form.  The blood lust he had always overpowered him.  As yet, he hadn’t been caught and there was no way that anyone had any idea of what he really was.  At least he didn’t think so.  He made it a point to blend it well with the other humans, living a very ordinary life. 
    He knew there was a beast lying inside of him, sometimes silent, but for the most part, always wide awake, lurking, drooling over the chance to feed.  He felt his teeth retract, his fangs now ominously visible.  Her pulse was slow and steady in the side of her neck, and the smell of her drew him closer.  He sucked at her, enjoying feeling her body move against him, but enjoying more the feel of her fresh, beating heart. 
    Placing his hand on her breast, he did find some arousal when her nipple grew hard under his touch, but he was even more fired up with other thoughts, ones he couldn’t will away.  Couldn’t , or simply didn’t want to…   He didn’t know, all he knew was that he had to get her out of there, away from him before he made just another fatal mistake.  It wouldn’t be the first time. 
    He was so very tired of being alone, of having no one to share eternity with. That is exactly what I have to look forward to as well.  He rolled to his back, staring up at the blank, emotionless ceiling for what felt like forever in itself.  Sighing, he thought again.  Yes, eternity is definitely what he had to look forward to.  Every time he looked in the mirror, with each year that passed, he saw he wasn’t aging.  Others that he’d cared about had died years before, and those that remained he had drifted away from, too afraid of what would happen if they found out what he was, or how he had come to be that way. 
    He lived a life of deathly secrets, circling around him like buzzards day after day, month after month, and of course, every year.  Nothing changed, nor did he will it too.  Still, he couldn’t help but wish for something good to chance his way, at least for once, since he’d been turned.  He sometimes wondered if it would have been better to have become one of the walking dead.  That is what his kind termed ‘vampires’.  His life was more shadowed than theirs, though he had the same strength and the ability to snap their neck easily if he got a hold of one of them.  Yes, wolves and vampires, they didn’t mix to well together.  Still…
    There was one of them that drew him.  He’d only saw her a few times, off in the

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