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Authors: Bonnie Bryant
specter reaching out to threaten a little blond girl. She watched for a moment, chills running down her spine. Then, when the scene changed, she turned back toward the darkened room. “Hey, you guys,” she complained. “I thought I told you to call me if something scary happened.” She waited for a second, but there wasn’t a sound from the other girls. “Guys?” A soft snore was the only reply. Carole switched on a lamp. All three of her friends were sound asleep.
    * * *
    S ATURDAY MORNING DAWNED overcast, damp, and breezy. “Perfect Halloween weather,” Stevie announced as the four girls stepped outside and headed for the Hansons’ station wagon.
    “I hope you’re right,” Lisa said, casting an anxious glance at the gray sky. “It would be a shame if it rained today.”
    “Let’s think positively,” Carole suggested.
    “Good idea,” Dinah agreed. “Besides, it wouldn’t dare rain after all the hard work we’ve done. Stevie’s right—it’s perfect Halloween weather.”
    “Everybody ready?” Colonel Hanson asked, joining them by the car.
    “You look great, Dad!” Carole exclaimed. Her father was wearing his full dress uniform. His brass was gleaming, his shoes were polished to a shine, and every crease was perfect.
    “Thanks, sweetheart,” Colonel Hanson replied. “Now everybody into the car. We’d better hustle. You’ve got a lot to do before the kids arrive.”
    Phil was standing in the driveway when the station wagon reached Pine Hollow. “Finally!” he exclaimed as the girls and Colonel Hanson piled out of the car. “I thought you’d never get here. I’ve been waiting for at least ten minutes.”
    “Well, don’t panic,” Stevie told him. “We’re here now.”
    Colonel Hanson headed for the stable entrance. “I’m going to see what Max needs help with,” he said. “I assume you kids already know what you’re supposed to be doing.”
    “We sure do,” Stevie said as Colonel Hanson disappeared inside. She turned and started to follow him. “Let’s get started.”
    “Wait a minute,” Dinah put in. “Before we do, I have one request. Can I finally get to meet Black Magic now? You said she’d be back today from the farrier’s.”
    “Oh.” Stevie stopped in her tracks. She had been so busy planning the day’s event that she’d all but forgotten about her prank on Dinah. She thought fast. “Actually, Dinah, I forgot to tell you,” she said apologetically. “Max told me yesterday that he was sending her to stay at another stable for the day.”
    “He is?” Dinah wailed. “But why?”
    “He didn’t want her to become overexcited,” Stevie said. “He thought the kids might be too noisy for her. She’s very high-strung.”
    “Really? But I thought you said she had a sweet, friendly temperament,” Dinah said. “You said she never tried to escape because she was so calm and nice.”
    “Oh,” Stevie said. “Yeah, I did. She’s really sweet and nice as long as there’s not too much noise. That’s the one thing she can’t stand.” She shrugged. “You know how horses can be.”
    “Sure,” Dinah replied. “I’m just disappointed, that’s all. After everything you’ve told me, I’m dying to meet her. Do you think I’ll get to see her before I leave tomorrow?”
    “Oh, I’m sure of it,” Stevie said.
    “Come on, then,” Phil said. “We’d better get to work. Bythe way, Stevie, Max said to tell you that it’s okay to use some of the stirrups from the blue trunk for your treasure hunt.”
    “Great,” Stevie said. “I’m going to go get them.”
    “We’ll come with you,” Carole said, glancing at Lisa. “We should probably look over the ponies’ tack and make sure it’s ready for the riding lessons.”
    “Okay,” Phil said. “While you’re doing that, Dinah and I have some last-minute rehearsing to do. We’ll meet up with you again in a little while.”
    The two groups headed their separate ways. “I can’t believe it,” Carole

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