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Free Genesis (The Exodus Trilogy) by Andreas Christensen

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Authors: Andreas Christensen
advance took longer than she’d expected.
    “Ma’am! Somebody’s coming!” someone shouted from one of the lookout positions atop the barricade. She turned and climbed up to the observation post to see better. A woman, it seemed. Soldier, from the fatigues, but obviously green from the way she wore them. She was carrying something. A white flag!
    “Let her approach, but do not let her through. She’d be able to pinpoint our defensive positions.” Tina picked up a megaphone and switched it on. She raised it to her mouth, all the while staring at the young woman approaching.
    “Stop right there,” she said. The woman stopped and spread her hands.
    “I’m unarmed. I need to talk to your commander.” Tina considered her for a moment.
    “What is it you want to talk to me about? If you’re asking for our surrender, you’re wasting your time.” That brought chuckles from those around her.
    “It’s not that…” the woman said, loud enough for all to hear. “I have a message from Governor Havelar, ma’am. We need to end this.” Yeah , Tina thought. She’d heard that line before. But the woman wasn’t done.
    “Fort Andrews has fallen.” That made Tina drop her jaw. Fallen, how? What had happened? The woman seemed sincere. And determined. And scared.
    “I’m coming out,” Tina said, and jumped down, motioning for one of the defenders to open the gate for her. All around her, people were talking, the shock of what they had just heard apparent on every face. Tina walked out and approached the woman, confident that defenders were keeping watch over the barricades and various other positions.
    “So…” she said, as she stopped in front of the messenger. “What the hell is going on? What are you telling me?” The woman paused for a second before answering.
    “Fort Andrews has fallen. Last thing we heard, there was fighting up by the reactors. Major Carroll and his team might be holding on, but likely he’s dead like the rest of them. We haven’t heard anything since before the governor crossed the Trickler.” So , Tina thought, he’s come north, as well. It’s got to be bad.
    “Who is it?” she asked. “Is it a revolt?” Tina knew the answer, but still, she had to ask. The woman only shook her head.
    “It’s not, ma’am. It’s something else.”

Chapter 7
    Kenneth taylor
    He looked warily around as they approached the ruins of Port Hammer. This bastion of liberty, the gathering place for frontiersmen, freedom-seekers, entrepreneurs, and refugees. Now burned to the ground, with only the ramshackle remains of a few cabins still standing. The mere thought had strengthened his resolve; the sight infuriated him. It was amazing, Kenneth thought, how quickly they had built this place. And even more amazing, and depressing, was how fast they had torn it down again.
    He kept looking at the soldiers surrounding the governor, nervous men and women with guns held ready to fire at the smallest provocation from the northern force. He wondered what would happen if it came to blows, but quickly dismissed the thought. This was not the time. The governor's message had been short and to the point: We need to make peace, right now.
    Then again, too many had died for either side to be comfortable parlaying with a hated enemy. Kenneth was determined though. You don't make peace with your friends; you make it with your enemies . And having a common foe made peace between north and south imperative if they were to survive.
    Kenneth stepped forward. Dean and a few from his team kept a close eye on their surroundings, watching for signs of betrayal. Kenneth knew there were northern snipers hidden in the foliage behind them, and expected no less from the southerners. He recognized Havelar approaching. He looked older , he thought, and weary .
    “I never wanted us to meet like this,” the governor said. “As enemies, I mean. This war should never have happened.” Kenneth nodded.
    “On that, we agree. But

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