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Authors: Jennifer Lavoie
didn’t say anything; he looked on the verge of revealing something.
    â€œAndrew,” he started, tongue darting out to lick his lips, “have you ever…have you ever kissed a guy?”
    â€œN-no. Of course not.” Andrew snorted and flicked his glance toward the firmly shut door. He could hear Mrs. Kensington moving around in the kitchen, a cabinet door slammed shut and the sound echoed up the stairwell.
    â€œOf course not,” Ryder repeated, softly, shaking his head. He sat up, gaze locked with Andrew’s.
    â€œI’m…I’m not…”
    â€œNo, of course you aren’t.”
    The moment stilled.
    Without meaning to, Andrew leaned a little closer. His skin felt hot, tight.
    Ryder didn’t say anything as he moved forward. He placed his warm hand lightly on Andrew’s cheek. Andrew leaned into the touch, his lips parting slightly, waiting for Ryder to make a move. When he did, Andrew moved closer to him, hesitating. With his face just a few inches from Ryder’s, Andrew licked his lips. He felt his cheeks flame. Ryder leaned forward a little more, their lips almost brushing. It wouldn’t take anything more than a tip of his head to close that distance. “Andrew…” Ryder started, his breath gently brushing Andrew’s lips.
    A knock at the door sent them reeling from each other. When it opened a second later, Ryder’s aunt popped her head into the room to find the boys on opposite sides of the bed, Andrew’s legs drawn up against his chest and arms clutched around them. “Is…everything all right?” she asked, frowning.
    â€œYes. We’re fine,” Ryder answered for them, an easy grin on his face. Inside, though, Andrew felt like he’d been a naughty little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar.
    â€œOkay. I just wanted to let you boys know lunch is ready when you want it.”
    â€œThanks, Aunt Lisa. We’ll be right down.”
    She hesitated a moment before pulling the door shut after her. Both boys breathed a huge sigh of relief once it clicked and her footsteps sounded on the stairs.
    All of Andrew’s nerves fired at once. He’d gotten caught up in a moment he didn’t understand. “Maybe I should go,” Andrew started.
    Ryder caught his hand. “Stay. Please. I’m sorry about that just now. I thought—”
    â€œLet’s not talk about it right now, okay?”
    â€œBut you’ll stay?” Ryder asked, a hint of worry in his voice.
    Andrew’s pulse raced and his mind reeled from their near kiss. “Don’t you think my staying would…make it more awkward?”
    â€œNo, I don’t.”
    Andrew frowned. “All right…I’ll stay. At least for lunch,” he added, not promising to stay any longer. “But I don’t…I don’t know what just happened.”
    â€œIt’s okay.” Ryder sighed and sat up, brushing a hand through his hair. They both headed downstairs to the kitchen, silent. Ryder teased his aunt when he saw her and sat at the table, acting as if nothing happened, while Andrew felt tense and nervous. Every look Mrs. Kensington gave him set alarms screaming in his mind.
    Does she know what just happened?
    No, how could she?
    Does she maybe suspect something?
    Is she looking at me different?
    She knows we’re just friends.
    Nothing to suspect, right?
    Wait, do his aunt and uncle know he’s gay?
    When Ryder’s foot accidentally bumped against his under the table, he nearly jumped out of his skin.
    â€œAre you all right, Andrew?” Mrs. Kensington asked, concern showing in her hazel eyes. Andrew nodded and started to speak, but Ryder cut him off.
    â€œOf course he’s all right!” Ryder looked pointedly at Andrew. “You’re all right, right?”
    â€œHe’s just anxious to get back out and ride.” Ryder pushed away from the table

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