Farron'S Rebellious Mate (English Edition) (Lords of Arr'Carthian 2.5)

Free Farron'S Rebellious Mate (English Edition) (Lords of Arr'Carthian 2.5) by Cathy McAllister

Book: Farron'S Rebellious Mate (English Edition) (Lords of Arr'Carthian 2.5) by Cathy McAllister Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cathy McAllister
Chapter 1


    Somewhere in the Universe
    29. day of the month Lumino in the year 7067 Federation time

    Jenny stepped out of the elevator and looked carefully around. It seemed to be that nobody was here. The doors closed behind her. Mesmerized, Jenny took everything in. So far this travel was the fulfilling of all her childhood dreams. That’s why she had said yes without thinking twice when she was asked, if she would like to travel to another planet, to take one of the Carthian as a mate. Traveling with a real spaceship, seeing another world – that was a huge adventure. But she wouldn’t take a mate. She wasn’t interested in men. Lory had assured her, that she would not be forced, but warned her that these alpha men would do everything to seduce her. – That wasn’t something Jenny was overly worried about. She just didn’t feel anything for men. Never had. For a while she thought that she might be a lesbian but she didn’t feel anything with a women, too. So she obviously was, what they called asexual.
    Jenny inhaled deeply and took a few steps into the huge space. It seemed to be the cargo area. There were chests, barrels and machines everywhere. Three doors were to be seen at the back and she tried to decide, which one to investigate first. She came to the conclusion, to start with the one closest to her and crossed the big room.
    “Now, what do we have here?” She said quietly to herself, and opened the door.
    What she saw was breathtaking.  
    “I must be dreaming,” she murmured impressed. “That is so freaking awesome!”
    The room she entered, was nearly as huge as the one she came from, but as high as the whole ship. Three luminescent blue crystals stood in the center – as tall as the room. They bathed the whole room in blue light.
    “Don’t touch!” A cutting voice startled her. Only then she noticed the man standing in the far corner of the room. “Dammit! What’s wrong with you earth woman, that you all sneak in here and course trouble?”
    “Sorry, I … I only wanted … to have a look around, and …”
    Jenny starred at the unusual looking man. He was leaving the place behind a desk and came towards her. He was tall, like all these damn aliens. Probably even taller than the ones she had met so far. His long hair was white, but he did look young, so she assumed, it was his natural color, and not a sign of age. Like all Carthian he was well built with massive muscles. He was wearing a golden bandeau around his head. A golden breast shield covered his massive chest and a blood red cloak hung from his broad shoulders. Her gaze traveled downwards. Some sort of kilt in red with golden ornaments fell down to his knees. He was wearing black boots that ended right under his knees.
    “Whom are you running from?” The giant asked.
    Jenny blinked and looked at him irritated.
    “Running from? Why do you think, I would be on the run?”
    “Well, the last one that got lost here was fleeing from our General,” the man answered and looked her over in a most inappropriate manner. He lingered a bit to long on her two large breasts. She was used to this, and she gave him a piercing gaze.
    “Have you seen enough now?” She asked and met his gaze.
    She expected an embarrassed or apologizing look, like the ones she usually got, but instead she saw amusement in his silver grey eyes.
    “Not nearly,” he replied huskily, and a strange tingling in her belly made her frown.
    “I am Farron Arr’Dragon. I am the only Moliwe on this ship. How are you called, little firelady?”
    “I’ll give you fire! My name is non of your business!” She answered angrily.
    Why were these Aliens all such horrible braggarts? The list of hunks that had tried to hit on her, since she entered the ship, was endless.
    “You really have fire, little one. It will be a pleasure to tame you.”
    Jenny snorted. From all these testosterone bulls here on board, this Farron was clearly the one with the biggest ego. He spoke

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