Revelation: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series)

Free Revelation: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series) by Rebecca Lynn

Book: Revelation: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series) by Rebecca Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rebecca Lynn
nothing going on between her and Ollie, but Mike didn’t know that. 
    “Why, Detective?”
    “Just curious.”
    “Ollie’s a sweetheart.  He’s one of our IT guys.”
    “You didn’t answer my question.”
    “I know,” she smirked, taking another sip of her water.
    “Are you sleeping with him?”
    She choked on her water.  Now he was the one smirking.
    “Like that’s any of your business,” she sputtered wiping her mouth.
    He ignored her.  “No, the more I think about it I don’t think you’d ever be fucking a guy like Ollie.  Unless of course you were trying to give the poor guy a heart attack.  You’re way too much woman for him.  You need a man who could be your equal in the bedroom.”
    He was right.  That was exactly what she needed.  What she craved. A man who was her equal and maybe even stronger.  Someone she could lean on when she needed to.
    He waited, looking at her while the silence played out.
    “Am I supposed to respond to that statement?” she asked.
    “You know what else I think?”  He had a dirty habit of ignoring her questions.  He continued leaning in.  “When –”
    They were interrupted by the waitress with their food.  Once she set it down and refilled their water glasses, she disappeared.
    Emily couldn’t even think of eating.  All she wanted to know was what he’d been about to say before their food had arrived.  He, however, dug right in and took a huge bite of his burger.
    Trying not to appear anxious, she took a bite of her own lunch.  They ate in silence for a couple of minutes except for the sounds of pleasure coming from Mike while enjoying his meal.
    She just knew that’s what he would sound like when he was deep inside a woman.  She took a bite of her sandwich trying to calm her racing heart and butterflies. 
    “I think you like having the control during sex, am I right?”
    She was choking again, this time on a piece of bagel lodged in her throat.  He pounded lightly on her back and kept going.
    “You don’t like talking about sex?”
    “We’re not talking about sex.  You are.”
    “I think you like control,” again ignoring her, “but I also sense you need to let go.  Have someone else to take control every once in a while.”  He took another bite of his burger, like they were talking about the weather.
    “Why the hell are we talking about this?” she muttered then grabbed her water again to buy some time.
    “Because I’m gonna be that guy.”  Then without a care in the world, he shoved a couple of fries into his mouth.
    She swallowed the water hard and put the glass down even harder, sloshing water onto the table.  She couldn’t stop staring at him.  “You’re gonna be what guy?”  Her body was humming with sexual arousal.  He was the most arrogant man she had ever met, and she’d thought her cousin Mark was bad. 
    All she wanted to do was crawl into his lap, bite on his neck and pull on his hair while he fucked her right where he sat.  She had to look down so he couldn’t read it in her eyes.
    He waved a fry in the air with a flourish and said as if speaking to a child, “The guy who’s gonna give you the control you need in the bedroom but who’s also going to teach you how to let go and have fun.  Show you how to let loose at the same time.”
    “Are you seriously for real?”  She finally looked back at him.
    He smiled charmingly.  “Of course.”
    “You think you and I are going to be having sex?”  Yes, please.
    “You can take one word out of that statement.”
    “Which word?  Sex?”
    He rolled his eyes.
    She growled.
    “And that, Em,” he whispered, “is the sound I’m looking forward to hearing from the back of your throat when we’re fucking each other’s brains out until we can’t see straight.”  He popped another fry into his mouth then pushed his plate away.  After wiping his hands on his napkin, he took her hand in his before she could stop him then began playing with her

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