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Authors: Dawn Michelle
    "There haven't been that many women named Elizabeth, Lisa, Beth, Liz, or Elise, Bethany, or any other form of that name that had passed away in the area recently. And only one of them had a picture that looked like you. A heavier version of you, to be fair, but still you. I'm sure of it."
    Beth shook her head. "I'm here!"
    "Elizabeth Stenger," he said and waited.
    Beth realized she'd crossed her arms over her chest, a subconscious action that made her feel like she was trying to protect herself. She uncrossed them and stared at him. "That's not my name."
    "You can tell me, you know," he said. "I'm not going to arrest you. Are you in some kind of trouble? Does this Penny woman have something over you?"
    Beth shook her head and slipped off the edge of the desk. She leaned against it and put her palms on the edge behind her. "Penny is… it's hard to explain. I love her, John. Love her like a sister and a friend. She's a kindred spirit. A soul mate."
    "I see. So you two are together? After what we did— what you said— I didn't have you pegged for being a lesbian."
    Beth smiled. "I'm not a lesbian."
    "But you just said—"
    Beth pushed herself off the desk and let her hands fall to the arms of his chair. Before he could do much more than rear his head back in surprise she kissed him again. This time she didn't let up. She kept kissing him, licking his lips open and then taking the kiss to a deeper level. He shifted in his chair and she felt him coming alive under her. Beth smiled around his lips and worked her hands under his jacket, spreading it wide and then unbuttoning his shirt.
    He groaned in her mouth when her fingernails traced lines up the sensitive skin of his belly and chest. She tickled his nipples with her fingers, making him squirm in his chair. Before the teasing became too much for him she dropped her hands back down and began to work on his belt. He sagged in the chair, his body recovering from the unfamiliar and intense stimulation.
    Beth teased his tongue, baiting it into her mouth and then capturing it between her teeth. She wrapped her lips around him and sucked on it, earning a surprised grunt deep in his throat. She let go and kissed her way down his neck, pausing for a moment as her body took over and guided her to the sweet spot on his neck that would give her the gift of life.
    Beth shook her head just enough to remind herself that she was in control. She forced herself down again, kissing down his chest and pausing to nip at his right nipple. John cried out and then gasped all over again when she yanked on his pants hard enough to yank them down to his knees. She pushed them down further while kissing down the furry strip that led down his belly to his aroused flesh that was jutting upwards toward her.
    Beth sank to her knees, forcing his legs apart, and dropped her mouth on him without any further foreplay. John let out a guttural yelp and then groaned when she sealed her lips on him and began to twist and rise up and down. She kept working him, trying different tricks along the way. One moment she'd take him deep until her lips brushed his trimmed pubic hair. The next she offered only shallow thrusts that had her tonguing and sucking on his spongy head.
    He groaned and grabbed the arms of the chair. "Baby! Oh shit. Slow down or— or—"
    Beth slurped her way up and grinned at him as she pulled free of him. He sat in the chair and lay trembling. His penis throbbed in the air, aching and twitching. Beth didn't waste any time before she grabbed her bra and pulled it up and over her head. She tossed it aside and pushed her chest into his lap, smothering his aching flesh between her breasts. She grabbed his hands and pulled them from the chair to the side of her boobs.
    "Fuck them, baby" she hissed. "Fuck me."
    John growled and squeezed her breasts against him. His hips jerked and he started sliding himself between her breasts.
    "Yeah, that's it. Harder baby! Let me have it."
    John's growls

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