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Authors: Karoline Barrett
interested in Brian.”
    My heart did a flip-flop. For one thing, he was on duty. He never, ever, displays any affection while on duty. I could meet him at my own front door dressed from head to toe—make that head to upper thigh—in an outfit from Victoria’s Secret, but if he was on duty, he’d address me as he would any other Destiny citizen; seriously and succinctly.
    For another thing, his eyes had darkened, and his voice had deepened. That only happens in an intimate setting, which this wasn’t; I couldn’t picture him dragging me into the woods for a little afternoon delight. Well, actually, I
picture it, but no way was it going to happen. “You know you are,” I answered.
    â€œI’m glad.” He stood up. “There’s something I want to tell you.”
    â€œYou didn’t comment on Serafina. Is it likely she killed Philip for a formula? If so, what formula? She came into the bakery, by the way. She reminded me of Calista. So much it was scary.”
    â€œAnd I’m not going to comment.”
    I got up, too. Getting any information out of him was futile. And he calls me stubborn! “Before you start, I forgot to ask you about Felicia. How did your talk with her go? Did she leave?”
    He frowned. “I’m not sure. I told her I was fine, that you and I were in a serious relationship, and there was no reason for her to stay here.”
    I loved that he called our relationship serious. I tucked the thought away, so I could ponder upon it later. “How did she take it?”
    â€œShe seemed fine, ‘seemed’ being the operative word. I don’t trust her.”
    â€œWhy not?” I sensed an interesting story coming.
    He sighed. “She’s had some mental issues in the past, from what Jordan told me. I don’t like that she told me that while she was here she might as well tour some of the wine country and lakes. She’s not the type to want to hang around small towns, so I’m thinking she’ll make another appearance. I wish I knew what she wanted.”
    I took in Sean’s solid broad chest, muscled arms, sculpted cheekbones, and gorgeous expressive eyes. Hel-lo! Did the man ever look in the mirror? I was reasonably sure what she wanted. What sane woman wouldn’t? I smelled a skinny, platinum blonde rat. “I guess there isn’t anything you can do about that.”
    â€œJust as long as she leaves me alone, she can do what she wants,” Sean answered.
    â€œI guess that makes sense. Sorry. I interrupted you before. You were starting to say something.”
    â€œNo problem. This goes against every rule in the book, as well as my own code of ethics, but I want you to hear it from me, first.”
    â€œOkay.” I hoped he wasn’t about to announce he was leaving Destiny to return to New York City. I couldn’t think of anything worse.
    He looked around, then continued in a soft voice I had to strain to hear. “I’m going to be questioning your mother again regarding Philip Baldelli’s death.”
    That was certainly right up there with him leaving Destiny. “What? Why?”
    He looked around again before brushing the back of his knuckles against my cheek. My spine tingled, but not in a good way. “I can’t say anything more. I shouldn’t have said anything, but I thought you deserved to know. I trust you not to say anything. To anyone, Molly. Seriously.”
    I sank down on the stone bench and scooped up Noelle. “I won’t, but my mother did not kill anyone. That’s absurd. Why would you have to question her again?”
    â€œSomething relating to Baldelli’s death popped up. That’s all.”
    â€œThat’s all? It involves my mother?”
    â€œYes.” He paused. “It’s not personal, you know that.”
    Yes, my brain knew that, but not my heart. “You honestly think my mother is a person of interest in a

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