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Authors: Chelsea Hunter
              This is an automated message of distress. I cannot tell you what it is, but
most likely I am being attacked by my abusive ex-boyfriend. I added my
address into the phone when I got my new place and I am thankful I did.
              “You know I don’t
like when you go away. Why don’t you come back home with me?”
              I realize, at this
point, I am in some trouble. I press and hold 7 several times, hoping that the
message works. There is no way I can look down—that would be too telling. My
best play here is to stall John as long as I can until the police arrive.

          “John, I think we need
to talk about this. Can you do me a favor, though? It is always so hard for me
to get all the boards and gear out of the van. Can you help with that?”
“Of course you need help. You never could do these things on your own.”
Ah, that didn’t take long. Already starting with me. I bite my tongue so as not
to respond. If he only knew now who I was, he would eat those words.
Regardless, now I have some time. John grabs me and begins hugging me. It is
difficult, but I fake the enjoyment of his touch. John moves in for a kiss.
“John, let’s get the work out of the way first.”
John grunts his dissatisfaction, but eventually relents. He smiles and backs
away. His touch feels like someone has stuck a needle in my back.
    As John gets into the van to remove more of the supplies, it
dawns on me. I am going to lock him in the van. If I can close the doors
quickly enough, I’ll have enough time to run away and call the cops. The timing
is critical. John begins to speak again.
“So, I assume your business is not doing as well as you thought.”
“Well, we are doing okay. I am just at the start so… things are survivable.”
“Haha, you were always such a dreamer. Not to worry, I can support you.”
“Yeah, that would be nice.” I hate pretending I need him.
I watch as John begins to inch his way deeper into the van. It has to be the
perfect moment. If I miss, it will not end well. I feel my phone buzz in my
pocket. I want to look, but the fear of him finding out what I’m up to is too

          “John, can you pass me
the sheet there on the front seat?”
“Yeah, sure.”
As John reaches forward, I lunge for the doors. The surprised look on his face
as the doors close is priceless. He almost loses his finger. I run back to the
driver’s side door. That’s the only one that can be opened from the inside,
once the car is locked. Leaning on the door with my back, I press my feet on
the wall, jamming it shut. The sounds of John screaming should help to alert
the neighbors. He threatens me, pointing his finger and shaking it. I can hold
this door for a while, as long as the police will eventually get here.
    John begins to try and kick out the window. I did not think
of that. Now I have to run.

          I hear the crash of
glass and know John is close behind. I wish I would have run sooner. Looking
over my shoulder, I see he is in hot pursuit. The gap between us quickly
evaporates and he grabs me by the wrist. He begins to drag me back to the house
with one hand over my mouth and the other around my wrist. Screaming into
John’s hand does nothing and no one comes out to save me. Trying to dig my
heels into the ground is pointless, as he just carries me. We are now at the
garage door. Taking the keys from my pocket, he opens the door to my house and
drags me in, locking up behind him. Never have I felt a fear as deeply as I
feel it now.
“You little whore, you haven’t changed one bit. Now you are going to get it.”
John takes off his belt and lifts it over his head as I cower on

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