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Authors: Mary-Ellen McLean
happened upon me when I was in a very distressed state and encouraged me to open up to her about what was going on in my life at that time. 
    This opening up was for me the beginning of the reclamation of my life and had such a profound effect on me. It formed an incredible bond of friendship and trust and made me realise that friends can be such a source of pure, unadulterated, uncomplicated, untied, apolitical, simple love and support.  So, if I could help you, I would say to you not to carry it inside you, but to talk about what you’re thinking and feeling to friends and family and to keep on talking until you begin to understand what it is you’re experiencing and why you are experiencing it.  I think it was Socrates who said that the unexamined life is not worth living. And even though it is uncomfortable to look inside and examine what’s going on and why it’s going on you will eventually come to a clearer understanding of what your soul is after and how to reach that point, or at least how to set out after it.  The other thing I would say to you as a friend is to go all out to Enjoy Life and Seek Happiness.  I have made this my quest and I can tell you it’s a good one.
    I have found that I Enjoy You very much, particularly when we are in close proximity....I particularly enjoy particular parts of you and very much enjoy being enjoyed by you!!  I am an ecstatic wanderer in the garden of your body and you bring my whole being to throbbing life. 
    You have been responsible for my sexual reclamation and it’s so wonderful and I’m so grateful to you and it’s given me such great happiness.
    “The pleasure of possessing
    surpasses all expressing...”
    You have also provided great sustenance for my soul

    You glorious thing you
    What can I say?  That was the most sexually wonderful thrilling night of my life.  I felt so uninhibited and relaxed with you. And you are such a generous lover. Oh just everything, everything was divine. You thrill me so, and fill me so, I am replete with you.   And I enjoyed your company and had fun too. Your sexual prowess is truly staggering to me.
    I feel so honoured at your willingness to be intimate with me like this. It is something I could very easily become addicted to (says the alcoholic of a brandy). It gives me such pleasure to stroke you and kiss you and lie in your arms and hear you breathing and to touch your beautiful hands and to fondle your lovely bits. Oh and your sexual kisses were something else! I could just eat you again now.  My body is tingling with desire at the thought of this…
    I will remember this night when the transit of Venus comes again in 8 years…
    Thank you so much.
    I am completely swept away by you. 
    PS I am finding it difficult to walk today…there are muscles in my thighs that I never knew existed.

    Dear Heart
    I am still awash with you!  I woke this morning about 8.00 am then fell back asleep and have only just arisen at 3.00 in the afternoon. This is unbelievable for me.  And I woke up feeling so happy I can’t tell you.  I am feeling extremely intense at the moment and I have to try to keep a grip on what I say to you but it’s very difficult given the state I’m in.
    I still can’t walk!!  And I have two small bruises on the inside of my right thigh that look just like your fingertips...I hope it’s an age before they fade so I can be reminded of you.
    I so loved being with you.  Not just the sex.  The sex was truly fantastic and I loved your lustiness and you brought out all the lust in me. (Which is a considerable well I can tell you...) But I loved just being with you and touching you. I hope you could feel the tenderness of my feelings for you in my touch.  It was just flowing out of me.  I wish I could die just now with this beautiful memory being my last one.
    Oh I could really open up to

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