Collared by Wolves [The Haunt of the Wolves 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)

Free Collared by Wolves [The Haunt of the Wolves 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More) by Jennifer Denys

Book: Collared by Wolves [The Haunt of the Wolves 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More) by Jennifer Denys Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Denys
Tags: Romance
stormed off in the other direction, hoping to release his tensions elsewhere, trying to forget that they had lost the girl—yet again.

Chapter Eleven
    Natasha’s chest was heaving when she came to a full stop outside the club. It was partly from running, but also from anxiety that they would come after her and want her to continue what they had started.
    She leaned back against the building, her trembling palms flat against the wooden wall, as she dipped her head and let her mind take in what had happened that evening.
    What she had said to them was true. She’d had a good time—a fabulous time, in fact. Raising her head, she touched her lips with trembling fingertips as she remembered what they had done.
    “Dear God,” she whispered. “Did I really give one of them a blow job?” A laugh left her. Well, that was a first.
    It had been totally outside of anything she’d done before. Oh, she’d had lovers, well, three to be precise, one in college, two since, but all three had been strictly vanilla and thoroughly missionary. She’d never given fellatio before and hoped she’d done it right. She guessed she must have as the one she’d done it to, Max, seemed to like it.
    Natasha chuckled as she recalled his words about her moaning while she sucked him. Well, it wasn’t surprising she had made noises considering how the others had been touching her after Griff had finished fucking her.
    That reminded her that she had been sucking off one man while another had been pounding into her pussy.
    “Jesus. I can’t believe I just had a threesome.” She giggled. “Oh. My. God. My aunt will have an apoplexy.” Her voice, still husky with arousal, sounded strange to her ears.
    Never in a million years would she have thought she’d have a ménage. But it had been amazing. More than amazing, but there weren’t enough words to describe it, and the climax she had experienced as he finished hammering into her had been off the wall.
    Her breathing started to quicken as she recalled how it had felt, and her panties felt damp—again.
    “Oh God.” Natasha chuckled at how the memory of what she had done caused her to get wet all over again, particularly as her last boyfriend had called her frigid. Well, it was true it took a lot for her to get aroused. Clearly she needed a different stimulus, and maybe she had found it.
    That gave her something to think about. But was it the fact that they were werewolves, or was it the BDSM?
    She smiled, remembering that the sex had come after they had tied her up and paddled her. She rubbed her backside and grinned. That was exactly what she had expected from BDSM, and it hadn’t disappointed her.
    “No, siree!”
    Laughing at the words she declared out loud, the noise echoing back from the surrounding trees sounded eerie there outside the building.
    Natasha shook her head in astonishment at everything. “Okay, so I like BDSM, that’s for sure. But do I like being with werewolves?” She paused to think. Each one had been incredibly fit, very sexy, and to top it all, pretty handsome. It was all her fantasies come true and, at the same time, incredible that they had all wanted her. Actually, it was every woman’s dream come true!
    Then she frowned. It didn’t change the fact, though, that the fighting seriously frightened her, particularly when they changed into wolves, or werewolves. It wasn’t something she witnessed every day.
    She shivered violently and wrapped her arms around her bare shoulders. She’d momentarily forgotten that element of their personalities. Shaking her head, she was unable to believe that she had actually come back to a place where human beings transformed into animals—wild animals at that. Dangerous ones with sharp teeth and long claws that could rip her throat out or claw her insides with one swipe.
    Okay, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I always did enjoy gory movies! The difference was that was on screen and this was real life, even if it did

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