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    Hot and
Steamy (book 1)
2012 ©
    Author – JJ
characters and events in this book are
Any similarity to real persons, dead
    Or alive, is
coincidental and not intended by Author
age readers 18+
    This book
contains strong adult themes and not recommended for
easily offended. Strictly ADULT only
    Part 1
    Chapter 1
    It was a cold winters day and as usual
Jesse was using this as an excuse to sleep in. “get out of bed Jesse” her
husband Jake called from the kitchen “the kids need Breakfast and you are going
to be late for work”, “I’ll be out in a minute” Jesse called back from the warm
comfort of her bed. Little did her husband know that Jesse was in fact planning
an evening he would rate as one of the best yet. You see Jesse has been
planning nights now for her husband for the last couple of years, the last
Friday of every month, Jesse gets to live out one of her fantasies, and Jake of
course is more than happy to help out. Although if Jesse had her way she would
love to do this every night, but with two small children to organise once a
month is all she can guarantee.
    Tonight however was going to be mind
blowing. A good friend of Jesse’s was going to help out. Jesse dragged herself
out of the soft warm bed and sat on the edge to watch the rain falling down her
bedroom window, there is nothing more sensual than hot sex on a rainy day she
thought. Jake walked into the room and sat next to her “the kids have just been
picked up for school” he said as he pulled the straps of her night gown down to
expose her breasts, then slowly and softly he began to kiss her neck and
shoulders. Goose bumps began to form all over Jesse’s body as her skin reacted.
“mmm” she said “don’t you want to save your energy for tonight” but in response
Jake cupped Jesse’s right breast and began slowly licking and sucking on it.
Both nipples tightened and rose to perfect little buds, and Jesse leaned her
head back to enjoy Jake’s slow torment. By now Jake had managed to make Jesse
hot and wet, Jesse turned to her husband and pulled his head up to kiss him, as
their mouths touched there was a heat that seemed to explode from their mouths.
Jesse pulled back to lift Jake’s shirt over his head, exposing his superb
sculptured chest, she still didn’t know how or when he had time to work out,
but she was sure glad he did. Jesse put both her hands on his chest and enjoyed
feeling his heart pounding under her hands, Jake lifted Jesse up and let the
gown fall to the floor exposing her almost completing except for the crimson
panties which were soon joining her gown on the floor. He pushed Jesse back, to
take a moment to admire his wife, now she didn’t have a perfect body, but who
did after 2 kids and no cosmetic surgery but Jesse was all woman and he loved
that about her.
    He quietly wolf whistled to her which
instantly bought a smile to her face, she never understood that after 10 years
of marriage he could still be as attracted to her as the first day they met.
But he was and even more so. Jake pulled her onto him and Jesse opened her legs
so she could straddle him, Jake began to kiss her even harder now and before
she knew it, Jake had rolled her onto her back and was poised above her. He
dipped his head and began to lick her breasts, he then began the slow descend
down her body stopping only briefly at her navel to kiss and tug at the small
ring which Jesse had gotten for her 30 th Birthday earlier that year.
Grabbing both her legs and putting them on his shoulder Jake began to kiss
Jesse’s thighs and slowly move toward her pounding wet pussy. As Jesse licked
her lips she cupped both of her breasts and began to tease and pinch her
nipples, Jake seeing this became even more excited and began to lick and suck
Jesse’s pussy. His tongue was moving in and out and

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