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for the day.  I was going to go pick up Jacob from his friend’s house.  Go home, fix dinner and relax from this day that I wish hadn’t happened.  As I reached my car there was a loud beep from behind me.  Scared me out of my skin.  Would you freaking believe it was the Porshe that had made me late this morning?  I had my scowl set when the window rolled down. Of course it would have to be him wouldn’t it?  Deacon grinning like a bitch at me.
    “See you tomorrow, Dana.”
    He sped off before I had a chance to consider giving him the bird.  Tonight I’m going to dig a shallow grave and tomorrow I’m going to bury him in it!

    I was on time for work the next morning and I actually had a kick to my step.  I am not going to attribute it to the sex dream I had of me and a certain person who I absolutely do not like, who I was going to be spending the day with.  I’m going to put it down to the fact that although he may have been pleasuring my lady flower with a feather, Eric from True Blood came and sunk his teeth into my neck and Alcide then fucked me within an inch of my life.  I had taken an elective module in dream psychology in my third year of university.  Feathers can symbolize warmth and the desire to be close to someone.  I could read into it and connect the dots between the fact that I hadn’t been intimate with anyone since Mitchell, and that Deacon had been on my brain all day yesterday and this morning and especially in the shower, or I could sweep it under the carpet and forget about it.  The carpet it is!
    As I approached my office I could see that my door was open.  What the hell?  He wouldn’t.  The fucker would.  Deacon was sitting at my desk on my chair on my computer.  What the HELL!!!
    “I’m sorry, how did you get in here?”
    “Good morning to you, gorgeous.  There’s a cappuccino with a hazelnut shot there on the side for you when you’re ready.”
    Hmmmmm, a LARGE cappuccino with hazelnut shot.  My favourite.  How did he know?  I narrowed my eyes at him after one last lingering look at the coffee.
    “How did you get in to my office and why did you bring me coffee?”  Man, this guy pissed me off.
    “I got in the same way most people get through doors…with a key.  The real question you want to ask me, as it’s perfectly normal to bring someone a coffee, is how did I know what your favourite coffee was?  Am I right?”  Oh my God, did I ever want to smack that grin off of his face.
    “Look, Dr. Greenwood…”
    “To you it’s Deacon.  It’s always Deacon.”  He interrupted and he was purring.  The fucker was grinning and purring in my office like a damn Cheshire cat.  I’m not going to acknowledge that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was one of my favorite books.
    “Dr. Greenwood, this is my office where I work every day.  You have come in, which you did not have authorization to do, and have taken over my desk.  I had papers on there for my other work that I will be doing along side this project and also once you are gone.  If I have no say in having to share my office with you, then so be it, but you will show me some respect and show my work some respect.  Are we clear?”  My chest was heaving by the time I finished my little rant and I was pretty sure my face was puffing as well.
    “For the record, Colin gave me a key yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to tell you, so technically I had authorization to come and go as I pleased as of yesterday.  I want to get a few things clear with you before we start our work amongst other things.”  Other things???  “I respect your work more than you know.  I’ve read all of your papers.  Even the ones you only submitted as coursework.  I read your paper on The Perfection of Love long before the university had approached me about coming to work with you.”
    The Perfection of Love was one of the first psychology papers

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