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Authors: Jacob Chance
the background noise. Anyone can see us here and yet, all I want to do is sit on his lap and grind slowly on his cock.
          I’ve never wanted someone so bad and definitely not in a public place. I’m not sure how to handle this aching desire he makes me feel. Kyle’s hand moves to the inside of my thigh, climbing up a few inches.
          His lips brush my ear. “Are you as turned on as I am, right now?” he whispers.
          I close my eyes and clench my fists on the bench seat beside me as his fingertips softly tease along the edge of my panties. I can’t believe we’re doing this. He leans down, brushing his lips against mine before deepening the kiss. His finger just breaches the elastic on the leg of my panties when we’re interrupted.
          “Hey Kyle, you look like you’re having fun.” We break apart and his hand slides back down toward my knee. My face is awash with a bright red hue, embarrassed at being caught by his sister. Meeting her under these circumstances is not how I imagined it going.
          Kyle stands up and moves around the table to hug Kenna and I sit there horrified at the first impression I must be making. I nervously chew on my lip and wonder if I should stand up or stay seated. God, why am I so fucking awkward in these types of situations?
          “Kenny, I want you to meet Janny. Janny this is Kenny,” Kyle introduces us and I stand up to shake her hand.
          “Oh no, I have to hug the woman who makes my brother so happy,” she says, pulling me in for a quick squeeze.
          “It’s great to meet you.” I notice how much she resembles Kyle. They both share the same dark hair and golden brown eyes, although Kenna’s facial features are much more refined than his.
          Our introduction is interrupted by Derek’s arrival. “Janny this is Derek.” He flashes me a grin while we exchange hellos and then he winks at Kyle. I’m not sure what kind of secret messages they’re conveying to one another, but I hope I’m at least meeting expectations.
          When Kenna sits down in the open sided booth next to me with Derek across from her, I spot Elle and Josh walking in. I raise my hand to flag them down with a big smile on my face.
          I tap Kyle’s leg and gesture I want to stand up. He moves out of his side of the booth, holding his hand out to assist me. Elle almost knocks me over as she crashes into me with a hug.
          “Kyle this is Elle.” I introduce them and Josh wraps me in his arms, kissing me on top of my head.
          “Hey beautiful, I’ve missed seeing you.” He’s so sweet. I’ve missed hanging out with him. He needs to meet a girl who appreciates what a great guy he is.
          “Hey Josh, I’ve missed you too. I’m glad you’re here. I really want you to meet Kyle.”
          Disappointment flickers in his eyes for a brief moment and then he smiles. “Sure.”
          I introduce the two of them and when they shake hands I can see the muscles in Kyle’s jaw tensing like he’s clenching his teeth and I swear I noticed Josh grimace. I shake my head and think about the dumb macho games men play.
          After the first round of drinks, Kyle leads me to the dance floor. He pulls me into his arms while some crooning love song plays and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. I rest my head on his broad chest and look up at him.
          “I like your family.” He smiles down at me and pulls me closer to him.
          “They like you too, I can tell. Kenna hasn’t stopped smiling and Derek keeps smirking at me like he’s got a secret. I know they’re both shocked I’ve met someone.” He runs his hand up my back. “I like Elle, too. She seems like a lot of fun.” He doesn’t mention Josh and I know he doesn’t like him, but I’m not going to let him get away with it.
          “How do you like Josh?” I ask as I struggle to

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