Clan of Redemption

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Authors: Rushell Ann
Tags: Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, Young Adult, Urban, shape shifters
Saska” I
    Dad came up in the attic.
He didn’t like to be up here anymore than I did. Too many
    “So what are you ladies up
to?” Dad asked.
    “Well I thought I would go
through Mom’s old chest and see if I could find anything
interesting,” I said as I lifted the album up.
    “I haven’t seen this stuff
for a long time, your mother showed me some of those photos a long
time ago, but she was pretty closed mouthed about her family. I
don’t think she got along well with her parents.” Dad said as she
started to look around the attic.
    “Dad….can you tell me
anything about Mom’s parents, I think I would like to find them if
they are still alive,” I asked with hesitation.
    “I don’t know much, your
mother’s maiden name is McCormick. I think her moms name is
Catherine, and I’m not sure about her Dad. You might keep looking
in that trunk to see if you find something. Not to change the
subject on you, but I have a surprise for you, will you come
downstairs when you're done,” he said as he started to
    “Sure Dad” I said as I
looked at Sully.
    “Sully let’s keep looking
maybe there is other things in here that might help us,” I
    We dug around in the trunk
and found a few letters with no return addresses.
    They were never
    I opened one hoping to
find some information.
    “Sully, I think these are
letters from my grandmother to my Mom. I don’t want to get into
reading them right now; I still want to go to Logan’s house to see
Grace,” I said as I took the letters and the Album.
    “Hey, it looks like
there’s a journal here too,” Sully said as she opened
    “This looks like it’s in
another language, does this look familiar to you?” Sully asked
    “No, it looks foreign
that’s for sure, let’s take that too,” I said.
    We took the items and put
them in my room.
    “Well let’s go see what
Dad has for me, it must be my birthday present. We hadn’t had a
chance to celebrate but it was understandable. My Dad loves to go
all out and embarrass me as much as he can," I said as I stood
    When we got downstairs dad
was waiting for us in the living room.
    “Ok Dad, so what’s the
surprise?” I asked as I sat down on the sofa.
    Dad reached into his pocket
and pulled out some keys, and tossed that at me.
    “What’s this?” I asked as I
held up the keys that were on a key chain.
    “Oh my God!” Sully jumped
up and had this look of shock on her face.
    I gave Sully a funny
    “Well that’s your
graduation and birthday present.” Dad said as he sat down across
from me in the chair.
    “Keys are my present…
that’s good dad” I said laughing.
    “Real funny Jayden, those
keys go to your ride in the garage,” he said as he smiled from ear
to ear.
    “You’re giving me your 68
Camero. Dad….but you love that car. I thought you were fixing that
up for yourself,” I said with aw.
    “I wanted to make
something for you, and I put a lot of work into that car with my
own hands. I bought it from a junk yard, but it’s all restored now
with a new paint job. I thought you would really enjoy it,” he
finished with a huge smile on his face.
    “I don’t know what to say,
this is so cool, thanks Dad,” I sat there starring at the keys,
knowing that he had worked on this car for years and he was giving
it to me. I felt tears well up in my eyes and I had to swallow the
lump in my throat.
    “Are we just going to sit
here all night talking about how cool the car is, or do we get the
honor of seeing the beauty itself?” Sully said with such enthusiasm
that I out right laughed.
    “Sure, I’ll take you out
there, that way I can show you all the stuff.” Dad said.
    Dad was so excited, it was
like it was Christmas, which was one of his favorite holidays, he
loved to do things for me, it made him happy.
    When we made it out the
garage, I really got a chance to see the beauty that he had put
into it. The paint was a shiny black with two red

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