Clan of Redemption

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Authors: Rushell Ann
Tags: Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, Young Adult, Urban, shape shifters
racing stripes
that ran from top of the hood to the trunk. All the shiny chrome
looked freshly polished. Up until now I had needed a car. Logan and
Sully drove me places, plus I had my bicycle to get around town
    “Jayden I am so jealous,
this is so rockin,” Sully said as she stroked the car.
    “Sully, you have enough
money in your trust fund to buy yourself one fully loaded,” I said
as I gave her an evil eye.
    “Yeah, but what’s the fun
in that, taking one that was junked and restoring it, is like the
ultimate challenge. Most people don’t finish in their life time.
Mr. St.Claire, you must have worked for fuckin' ever on this shit,”
Sully exclaimed.
    My mouth dropped open and
I stared at Sully and then swung my gaze to my Dad, waiting for him
to reprimand her for her language, that never came. I decided maybe
that moment deserved the f word.
    “Dad, this is so, oh I
can’t wait to show Logan. He’s going to want to drive it first.” I
said as I went over and hugged him. As I walked up to him, I
realized what I had said and my enthusiasm for the car
    My Dad kept talking like I
hadn’t mentioned Logan.
    “I know that you love to
walk everywhere and you only drive my car when you have to, but you
need your own transportation especially since you're going to
college in Seattle, I want you to be able to come home whenever you
want and not have to worry about the buses.”
    “Dad, I need to talk to
you about that,” I said as I thought about what I was going to say.
I hadn’t thought about college since the morning of Logan’s
    “Jayden……now I don’t know
what you are going to say, but you need to go to college, if
there’s one thing that was really important to your mother and I,
it was education. I know I taught you that money isn't everything
and it's not, but I want you to learn everything you can, and
experience new things. Please don’t tell me you’re not going,” he
said as he pulled me away from him to look in my eyes.
    I didn't know what to say.
So much as happened since I got my acceptance letter. I had things
I had to work out before I could devote my time and energy into my
    “I am going, but I wanted
to ask you if you’d be ok with me taking this year off, or at the
very least the first quarter. I honestly haven’t thought about
school since Logan died and I really don’t think it would be a very
good idea if I went right now. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate
the way that I should. I need to mourn the loss of my friend and be
able to go to school ready to focus. Please think about it, I will
honor whatever you decide, but I would really like this year off. I
promise that I will go, I want to go, but not right now,” I said as
I held my Dad’s hand.
    “You know, when your
mother died, I took a year off from teaching. Her death about
killed me, so I understand what you are saying. You have to give me
your word that you will go next year! I’ll call the University
tomorrow and let them know that I need a refund for this year, but
you have to reapply for next year. OK.” Dad said as he placed his
hands on my shoulders. Having my Mom’s trust fund transfer to me
helped with things like paying an entire years tuition up
    “Yes, I will reapply and
go next year. Thank you Dad, you have no idea how much pressure
that takes off my shoulders,” I said as I looked at Sully and
winked at her.
    “By the way, Sam called
while you girls were in the attic, are you going to see her today?”
Dad asked.
    “Yes, we will go right
now, thanks Dad. Oh yeah, Sully wants to stay tonight is that
alright?” I asked knowing that Dad never had a problem with Sully
    “Yes, of course it is.
Sully you can stay anytime you want, your practically family,” Dad
told her with a smile.
    “Thanks Mr. St.Claire,”
Sully said.
    “Ok girls, will you be home
for dinner? I want thinking about making Taco’s.” Dad
    “Do you honestly think I

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