Love's Battle (True Blue Trilogy)

Free Love's Battle (True Blue Trilogy) by Angela Hayes

Book: Love's Battle (True Blue Trilogy) by Angela Hayes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Angela Hayes
Tags: Fantasy, Paranormal, Time travel
    “Thank you. Tell Mrs. Dillon we said hey.”
    “Will do.”
    I only had a split second to duck behind the huge potted palm when I heard a distinctive voice enter the hallway outside of the Pro Shop heading our way.
    “What are you doing?” Mr. Dillon hissed.
    “Ssssh. Here he comes.” I pleaded, my forefinger pressed to my lip as I crouched lower to camouflage myself.
    “Ah, good day Mr. DeAngelo. Done already?”
    “It was a quick game.”
    “Partner not any good?”
    “No, not in the least.” He laughed, the sound sending tingles of anticipation through my body. I couldn’t resist peeking through the fronds to get a better look at his backside. And what a nice backside it was, the way his fitted khaki’s shorts emphasized his tapered waist, hugged his buttocks. The sleeve of his collared shirt damp with sweat hugged the muscular arms dashed with the same dark hairs that peppered his legs.
    “Be sure and bring him by the next time you come, give him so practice. We don’t see you enough around here.”
    “I’ll do my best. See you later Mr. Dillon.”
    “Bye Danton.”
    From my hiding spot, Danton looked over his shoulder. I didn’t doubt he could feel me watching him. I shrunk down further, holding my breath until he passed, counting to ten before I uncurled myself.
    “Is he gone?” I asked, straightening my clothes as if hiding behind decorative foliage was normal.
    Mr. Dillon had long ago leaned not to ask any questions. He was used to my less than perfect behavior. You can’t imagine how many people can be matched when you’re a caddy!
    “How’d he do?” I asked, instantly curious to see his score card.
    “No way, he made par!” Ach, won by two strokes. That is he would have, had we been playing together, which we weren’t. At least, not yet. Hmmm. Mr. DeAngelo was turning into a most formidable opponent indeed.
    “The boy doesn’t come around as much as he used to, like someone else I know.” The pro scolded. “I’m surprised you two haven’t run into each other before. Although work takes up a lot of his time nowadays and he‘s a few years older than you.”
    “Trying to match make huh!” I said, calling him at his game. No one could out match the matchmaker. “How often does he come by?”
    “Twice a month, Thursday and Sunday evenings if he can. Like I said, work takes up a lot of his time. His family owns some high fluting advertising agency.”
    Interesting. The only time I could usually make time for a round was on Sunday mornings. We’d just been missing each other.
    “So what else can you tell me?” I asked, encouraging Mr. Dillon to share what he knew. Hope was waiting for me, but since the old pro was being stingy with the details she was going to have to wait a little longer.
    “Now Love, you know I’m not one to repeat gossip!” He chided.
    “Come on Mr. Dillon,” I pleaded. “It’s not considered gossip if it’s common knowledge.” He couldn’t be swayed, so I racked my brain for a way to convince him to give it up. “It’s…it’s… I’ll tell you what it is; it’s the relaying of essential information to one party that has a particular interest in another party of which you are acquainted.” I smiled broadly at the end, hoping my pearly whites would convince him to spill the beans.
    They didn‘t.
    “All I can tell you that his father is Carmine DeAngelo. He and his brother Antonio own DeAngelo Advertising. That’s the name of the business. They’re down by the Harbor. Rumor is that Danton will inherit upon his death, having been groomed to take the reins since he was born. His mother is Chanton; she was a pretty popular model in her day before she and Carmine married. It was their chance meeting that put the agency on the map. They have since split, rather amicably a few years ago. She’s been married several times since.”
    “Thanks bunches, I won’t tell.” I promised heading for the door. Hope

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