Seasons of Heaven

Free Seasons of Heaven by Nico Augusto

Book: Seasons of Heaven by Nico Augusto Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nico Augusto
afraid that one may have presented itself as they approached a precipice. Still running he looked at Ani who confirmed what they needed to do….Jump.
    The first clue that they had missed their mark came as both Yann and Ani’s small bodies were flung against the side wall of the cliff. The second clue came as they felt themselves falling, once again striking the wall, limp as ragdolls before finally coming to a blunt force stop against the floor of a cave.
    Stunned and still charged with adrenaline, the two friends looked at each other to make sure there were no serious injuries. Neither of them seemed more than terrified and exhausted. Ani got to his small feet first and watched as Yann pushed back up to his own. The two of them surveyed their new environment to discover they were inside of a cave. Ivy grew up along the sides of both walls and across the top, vying for space amongst the dried up plants. The limestone walls of the cave were wet as water seeped through the roof and ran down through the ivy that clung to the stone quenching its dark green leaves. The sound of the running water echoed off both the walls and the huge columns that also surrounded them.
    “Look Ani, there’s a torch.” Hanging from the wall was a burning torch. Yann was so happy to have a bit of light that he didn’t even stop to consider who may have lit it.
    Happy to be out of the dark, Yann held up the torch and they took a better look around. He could hear the whoosh, whoosh of the wings of bats as they circled overhead, seeking out the light. As Yann twirled slowly around, he and Ani could see that the colors of the stonewalls changed subtly and mysteriously every few seconds. One moment they would be a warm azure color and the next they would fade to brown. On their second time circling around, the stonewalls changed to a fiery orange like the color of a summer sunset.
    The light of the torch formed strong contrasts across the walls; some of the stalagmites were very close and exposed pleasant esthetic details. It seemed peaceful and Yann and Ani had the feeling they were safe…for the moment at least. That was just before a piercing shriek reverberated throughout the cave and the entire enclosure began to shake. Small rocks were falling but what worried Yann even more was the amount of dirt falling in on top of them. Yann was old enough to know that neither human nor dog could survive being buried alive.
    “Run Ani, run!” The huge creature must be lumbering around above them, trying to find its way inside the cave. Its enormous bulk was causing the cave to fall in upon itself.
    They raced ahead for their lives for the second time that evening eventually coming to the front of an uphill slope. A bright light like the one Yann had awakened to that morning was shining from it. They looked up towards the light and saw the exit. The light at the end of the tunnel…. Yann and Ani looked at each other and began strategizing their ascent to the top.
    Yann held Ani up first, helping him climb onto a small flat area that jutted out from the rock. Then Yann grabbed ahold of one of the ruts in the stone that was as high as he could reach and pulled himself up. He was a few inches above Ani. He reached up again and grabbed another rut in the stone. As he struggled to force his arms to pull him up, he felt his friend, pushing his bottom from behind. That extra push allowed him to clear the few inches he needed to in order to place his feet in another safe position. He reached down then and with a guiding hand on Ani’s back he helped the dog struggle up further until they were almost eye to eye. Yann took his turn next and with strength and will that neither of them knew they possessed they continued on until they were within reach of the top. Coming from thin air and startling them both a large white hand reached out to help.
    Yann stared at the hand and then looked at Ani wondering what they should do. He couldn’t see up beyond the hand,

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