Adventures of a Vegan Vamp: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Free Adventures of a Vegan Vamp: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery by Cate Lawley

Book: Adventures of a Vegan Vamp: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery by Cate Lawley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cate Lawley
the vampire virus. Witches are made, as well as golems, and—”
    “A person made of clay?” I asked. I’d once read a legend about a creature made of clay, and I thought that had been a golem.
    “Not exactly clay. More like a person created from the flesh of others. Sounds disturbing—but you’ve probably met a few without noticing anything different about them.”
    “Spiffy. Don’t suppose there’s any way to identify them?”
    “Incredibly attractive. And there are the tattoos. They’re discreetly located, so you’d have to be up close and very personal to get a look.”
    I tried to keep a straight face when he said it, because…yuck. Sex with someone made up of dead bits of other people. Oh, no no no.
    “And the born enhanced?” I asked, trying desperately to wipe away the graphic image that had popped into my head.
    “Wizards, few though they may be, assassins, and thieves all have closely related gifts and are thought to originally be from one bloodline. There’s an entire religious controversy centered around the question—don’t ask or you’ll step on toes. We’ve also got a few djinn in the Austin area, and coyotes.”
    “Got it.” I didn’t have it—because coyotes?—but I would come back around to the Society members again. Other vamp things were much more pressing. “Can you do the thing with your fangs again?”
    “Which thing?”
    “The disappearing and reappearing fangs.”
    He flashed his fangs at me again. Then they disappeared. “They’re retractable. Just hope they never get stuck. Speaking while fanged is a developed talent, and embarrassingly awkward in the learning stages.”
    “Not a problem—I don’t have any.”
    “Hmm, no. You may have no control over them, but you certainly have them.” With his thumb and forefinger, he touched the points on his mouth that mirrored the sores on my lips.
    “Oh. Ooooooh.” I looked around the room, didn’t see a mirror, so I pulled a compact out of my purse.
    “How human.” Wembley seemed amused. When I looked up in confusion, he said, “Vampires don’t shine, perspire, sweat—whatever you womenfolk call it these days. No need for powder—unless your skin is hideous.”
    I looked up from my examination of my gum line and canines.
    “Not you, little fluffy bunny. You have gorgeous skin.”
    I couldn’t remember the last time someone had given me a compliment.
    “And a gorgeous smile.”
    “Thank you. Any reason I can’t see my fangs?”
    “You probably don’t have a lot of control over them. Baby vamps rarely do—and you’re more baby than most this long after the bite.” He frowned. “And less.” He scratched his chin. “You’re an anomaly—so just be careful.”
    Be careful—of what and how? But I nodded.
    “Oh, and keep an eye out for burgeoning talents.”
    Before I could ask about what I was on the lookout for, someone knocked at the door. Immediately thereafter, Alex entered the room. “Time to go.”
    I tried to stand up, but the sofa had well and truly swallowed me. “Already? I have more questions.”
    “It’s been two and a half hours. I have a lunch date.” Alex offered his hand.
    “Oh—sorry. I didn’t realize…” I grasped Alex’s hand and he pulled me with no effort at all from the depths of the sofa. Again with the blinky light-flickering thing. I ignored it, since Alex didn’t seem to notice. “Wembley, you’ve been so kind.”
    “No trouble at all. Unlike the very professional Anton, I have no card. Make sure Alex gets you my cell number. We’ll do this again—soon.” He raised his eyebrows and gave me an intent look.
    “Yes. Absolutely. I’ll be in touch.”
    There were so many things to talk about. The mysterious Lemann that Wembley seemed to dislike so much, what it was like being a vamp in Austin, what the Society was all about. Too many questions.
    Alex was already at the door looking impatient.
    “I’m coming.” And I scooted quickly through the door.

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