Breeding Mom and Daughter

Free Breeding Mom and Daughter by Natalia Darque

Book: Breeding Mom and Daughter by Natalia Darque Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natalia Darque
you can talk to her if she wants to talk to you,” Kevin told the drunk quarterback.   
    “That’s as good as it gets tonight,” Kevin concluded. 
    Mark sputtered helplessly.  Beaten and humiliated, both in the game and this fight, he was beside himself with rage. 
    “You asshole!” Mark screamed as he lunged drunkenly forward.   
    Kevin caught him with a front kick up into his groin as he came in.  Mark groaned as the foot connected with his balls and doubled over in pain.  Not giving up the momentum,  Kevin seized Mark by the ears and hair and forced him down into his swiftly raising knee. 
    Kevin smashed his thigh into Mark’s gut, driving the wind from him.  Then he retracted his leg and brought it up into his face, while simultaneously pulling Mark’s face down into his oncoming knee. 
    Kevin felt Mark’s face and nose smash into his kneecap.  The soft tissues of Mark’s face gave way to the hard bone of his knee. 
    Kevin, sensing that Mark was done, hurled him away and took a step back to create distance to give Mark time to reevaluate his options. 
    Mark stepped back, stunned.  Tear streamed from his eyes uncontrollably, and blood gushed from his nose.  He pawed at his nose, and winced from the pain of his own contact with it. 
    “You son of a bitch!  You broke my nose!” Mark yelled. 
    “Yeah, it looks like I did,” Kevin told him reasonably. 
    “And I’m gonna break a lot more parts of you if you don’t take the hint and get the hell out of here,” he said with an even tone. 
    Drunk, hurt and frustrated, Mark quivered in anger and pain. 
    “Fuck!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.  More lights came on in the neighborhood. 
    “Mark, go home, sober up, and we’ll talk,” Kevin told him 
    “Stay here for one more second, and I’m calling 9-1-1 and we’ll let the cops sort all this out,” he said reasonably. 
    “Shit man, I can’t see to drive!” he said plaintively. 
    “You should have thought about that before you picked a fight.  Now leave, or you can talk to the cops,” Kevin said. He turned on his heel and casually walked back into the house. 
    When he got inside, Crystal was on her knees looking out through a crack in the window slats. 
    “Jesus, you kicked his ass!” she said with a smile.  “Where did you learn to fight like that?” 
    “Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m a black belt in Japanese Karate?” Kevin asked. 
    Kevin laughed.  Years before, mainly to get away from his wife who annoyed the hell out of him, he took karate lessons for two years, becoming a black belt in record time.  Although away from the dojo for over two years now, tonight it all came back instinctively.  Hours and hours of training, followed by sparring sessions in which he gave and took in equal amounts had taught him how to fight very effectively.   
    As Crystal watched, Mark finally got his shit together enough to get his car started and drive off. 
    Crystal got up from her knees and walked, gloriously naked, toward him. 
    “I think that scaring him off deserves a reward,” she said. 
    Chapter Twenty  
    Crystal unsnapped the buttons on the fly of Kevin’s jeans.  His cock popped out, semi-erect.  Her hands swirled around it and grasped him as her mouth found his in a smoldering kiss.  Kevin kicked off his shoes, shucked off his trousers, and peeled off his shirt quickly. 
    He reached down and grabbed Crystal by the ass and lifted her up in an embrace.  She twined her arms around neck and wantonly wrapped her legs around his narrow waist.  
Kevin lifted her up until she felt the tip of his cock touching into her loins.  Holding her up with one hand, she felt his other hand reach around, and obviously took his shaft and slid it into position at the entrance of her pussy.  Still dripping wet from their earlier lovemaking, she was slippery and ready for him.   
    With his cock poised to enter her, he slid her body

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