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single doctor appointment with her. They went baby shopping together. He did 53
    Triple Crown Publications Presents A PROJECT CHICK
    everything in his power to make sure she was as comfortable as she could be. When she was five months pregnant, she found out she was having twins. Lucky considered himself luckier when he found out the twins were boys. Tressa had to admit, he did hold up his end of the bargain. He took care of her to the fullest.
    It was after the birth of the twins, when she noticed a drastic change in Lucky. She first became very disappointed when he informed her. "Tressa, nobody's watching my children but their mother. So, until they go to school, you ain't going to school. You'll be at home with them."
    This was the first major conflict she had with Lucky.
    Most women, especially a new mother, would have loved for their man to make this demand. Tressa, without a doubt, loved her children, but she wanted to finish school. There was no win, over this situation, or no other argument.
    Once Lucky had his mind made up, there was no way he was bending.
    Just like a few months before on Thanksgiving Day, the first Thanksgiving in their new quarter of a million dollar house, where his mother brought over a beautifully decorated ham, with pineapples, cherries and maple on top.
    Well, Lucky didn't eat pork and did not want it in his house.
    His mother ignored that fact, since Lucky grew up on pork.
    Just because he didn't eat it now, why should he make decisions for everybody else? Tressa didn't have it on the table, but on the kitchen counter top. Lucky saw it and went ballistic. "Get that damn swine out my fucking house!"
    "Your mother brought it to eat. She had to have it." Tressa tried to keep Lucky calm and please his mother at the same time.
    Lucky went into the restroom, washed his hands, and when he came back to the kitchen and saw that the ham was still on the countertop, he casually went under his shirt, pulled out his gun and shot the ham. It splattered all across the kitchen, walls, floors, everywhere. Naturally, Lucky's insane outburst ruined their ThanksGiving. This was her first warning to get out, but Tressa was too set in her comfort zone and didn't take heed.
    Triple Crown Publications Presents A PROJECT CHICK
    The ominous signs about Lucky's violence were constantly revealed to Tressa, but she never would take a stand against Lucky. She thought the last straw was when she found out who was really residing in her old apartment.
    One day, she got a call from the rental office warning her that there are too many complaints coming from other tenants about her apartment. There was always fighting, almost everyday. Tressa was in shock because there shouldn't be anybody in the apartment on a daily basis.
    Tressa thought the management was lying, until the day she got up early, grabbed the keys to Lucky's rental car, (he had just returned from a "business trip"), left the twins and Lucky sleeping while she went out to pick up a few things from the grocery store.
    Tressa ran into one of her old neighbors, a little old nosey lady, who lived in the building next door. She informed Tressa of some shocking information, "I liked you so much better than that other girl that moved into your apartment."
    "What girl?" Tressa asked surprisingly. The old lady pointed her finger, moving up and down, as she continued to give the gossip of the hour.
    "That other girl is a pure damn winch, wearing those super tight clothes. The heifer don't even speak to me.
    And, her and that fella that used to come see you in the big fancy car, all they do is fight. I can't stand the little winch." Tressa could feel the heat come all over her. She literally began to sweat. She thanked the lady and walked away, leaving her basket in the middle of the dairy aisle before the old lady could finish. No, he didn't move some bitch into my fucking apartment and they over there fucking on my God damn bed. Oh hell no! This nigga really think I

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