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Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
and strode back to his car.
    As the car drove off, Frank and Joe climbed out from under the dock. "Jed short-circuited Rogers's flashlight, didn't he?" Joe said.
    "Right. He must have one of those little gadgets with him," answered Frank.
    Joe's voice was filled with excitement. "And those must be the things that — "
    He was interrupted by another loud crash from inside the boathouse. Frank and Joe turned toward the sound. A light went on inside. And out from the open door ran Jed Wilson, his face strained with fear.
    When he saw Frank and Joe, he turned and ran off the other side of the dock and along the river.
    Frank and Joe sprinted after him. In seconds Joe was right behind Jed. He dove through the air and grabbed Jed by the waist, pulling him to the ground in a perfect tackle. From out of Jed's pocket, one of the little devices fell to the ground.
    Frank ran up next to them and stood over Jed. He grabbed the device and showed it to Joe. "All right, Wilson," he said. "Something's fishy around here, and I'm not talking only about the boxes you threw in the river. Want to talk?"
    Jed's face was taut with anguish. "Okay, okay, I give up!" he blurted out. "Turn me in! I deserve it! Honestly, I didn't mean any harm—"
    "Whoa! Slow down," said Joe. "Maybe you should start at the beginning."
    "I should have known the minute I invented Electrojam I'd get into trouble. It was just for fun! I didn't realize that everyone would start short-circuiting other people's radios, TV sets, stereos — "
    "You mean those little gizmos — Electrojams— are what's blowing out all those box radios?" asked Joe.
    "Yes! I admit it," Jed said. "I invented them by mistake, but when I saw what they could do, I decided to sell a few of them through my company, ChipShape.
    "Usually I just sell software and computer games, but I thought I'd branch out with Electrojam. I thought it could be used for emergency shut-off switches, disarming electronic weapons.
    And—once in a while—for sabotaging radios. But I never thought it would get out of hand like that!"
    "Could they jam a computer?" Frank asked. Jed nodded. And Frank looked at his brother and smiled. A tie-in.
    "Finally, I went to all of my customers and told them I was recalling the Electrojams for a defective part. But really I was planning to destroy them all!"
    "Why did you run away from us?" Joe asked.
    "Well, I recognized Frank when he came here. And I thought it was only a matter of time before he figured out who I was and what my connection was to the sabotaged radios. When I saw you two tonight, I could tell you were coming after me to turn me in to the school authorities. So I figured the river was the quickest place to dump my Electrojammers. You have to understand how much it means to my parents that I'm at Chartwell — "
    "We're not going to turn you in," Frank said.
    "You're not?" Jed looked relieved, but puzzled. "Then why are you chasing me?"
    Frank thought quickly. "To protect you from the man we just saw. He's my roommate's father, and he works for the Bayport Bank and Trust. I overheard him say that he wanted to trail you."
    Joe was getting the idea. "Seems he suspects something about a large withdrawal from your account."
    Jed thought for a minute and then nodded his head. "Yes, there was something funny on my last statement. It showed that twenty-five thousand dollars was put in and taken out on the same day. I just thought it was a bank error." He smiled. "I wish my company did that much business in a day."
    "You have no idea where the money could have gone?" Joe asked.
    "Believe me," Jed said. "If I'd had that much, I'd have held on to it!"
    Frank and Joe looked at each other. Jed seemed sincere. Could he have been framed?
    "Hey - y - y, wait a minute," Jed said, picking himself up from the ground. "You guys are after that money, aren't you?"
    "What?" asked Joe. He and Frank exchanged baffled looks.
    "Yeah, you want to track down a quick twenty-five thousand dollars,"

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