Mated to the Jaguars - Paranormal M/F/M Menage

Free Mated to the Jaguars - Paranormal M/F/M Menage by Yamila Abraham

Book: Mated to the Jaguars - Paranormal M/F/M Menage by Yamila Abraham Read Free Book Online
Authors: Yamila Abraham
Tags: Romance
wasn’t jealous.   Why wasn’t he jealous?
    He tried to picture Votan mounting his beloved to stir up some anger.   He thought of him thrusting vigorously on top of her.
    His cock got hard.
    Max took a steadying breath.   Was it that he didn’t really love her?  
    No.   He’d been thinking about her during every spare moment he had during the day.   Her sweet smile.   Her frank innocence.   He thought about going to her hometown to get married.   That way he could see where she came from.   It was important for him to befriend her parents.   He wanted them to trust him.  
    He’d been planning their whole lives together.   He never did that with any of his girlfriends.   Michelle was real.   His final girlfriend.  
    His wife.  
    Max dropped onto his couch.   His erection subsided, but the longing inside him remained strong.   He wanted her to be here now, even if it meant putting up with Votan.   He wanted to gaze into her beautiful goddess eyes.
    And no.   It seemed he didn’t care if she had sex with Votan.   As strange as it was it felt like a familiar situation.   Votan somehow had more of a claim on her than he did.   He first felt this disconnect when he was in his jaguar form with Michelle.   There were memories of her inside his muscles, but even more memories of being without her.   Her presence was a gift that he could only occasionally cherish.     
    It was strange how dealing with his own kind transcended what he’d accomplished in his mortal life.   He was the millionaire and Votan was the lowly jungle cat.   Yet, there were godly dynamics at play that he could only sense the extent of.   What he expected to feel was tempered by what his god essence knew.
    Maybe it could work out, this threesome.   He had more hope for it now than when he’d left that morning.
    ** **
    *** ***
    **** ****

Chapter 12
    **** ****
    *** ***
    ** **
    Michelle bolted out from under Votan’s human hand the moment she awoke.   She sprinted into the bathroom, took her human form, and jumped into the shower.   For a few moments she adjusted the handle until the water near scalding water doused her.   She scooped handfuls against her crotch.
    Votan stepped in through the open bathroom door.   She hadn’t pulled the shower curtain closed.   There was anguish in her face, but also in Votan’s.   She looked at him with tears mingling into the water droplets on her face.   Did he know?  
    The large man drew nearer.   “Ixchel.”
    “He touched me.”
    His anguish broke into an expression of confusion.   “Maximon hurt you?”
    Michelle tried to answer, but her throat became choked with virulent emotion.   She turned off the water.
    “Not Maximon,” she said through hiccupping sobs.   “Caquix.”
    “Caquix!”   His yellow eyes grew wide as saucers.
    She pulled a hand towel from the nearby rack to wipe her face.   “I never got to the spirit world.   He—he pulled me into some desert world.”
    Now Votan’s eyes narrowed.   “The underworld.”
    “I was tied up.   He was trying to get me to leave both you and Maximon and become his mate instead.   I said no.   Then he ripped off my top.   He shoved his hand in my underwear and started rubbing me and…”   She trailed off for a fresh bout of sobs.
    Votan smashed his fist into the wall, crumbling the fine white tiles.   He gave a bellowing snarl.
    “He will die!   I’ll rip his fingers out of the joints one by one!”
    Michelle wrapped herself in a large towel and emerged from the tub.   “Hold me.”
    Votan looked at her through an almost palpable haze of red fury.   His face contorted in anguish once more.   He drew her into his powerful arms.
    “My love—I’m so sorry.”
    She let herself sob quietly against him.   The shower and now the comfort was drawing her out of the pit of shame Caquix had plunged her into.
    “He’s grown bold.   He’s condemned to his hell-world.   He can’t do anything

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