My One and Only (Ardent Springs Book 3)

Free My One and Only (Ardent Springs Book 3) by Terri Osburn

Book: My One and Only (Ardent Springs Book 3) by Terri Osburn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terri Osburn
life—again—and was blissfully planning her third wedding, this one hopefully the proverbial charm. Haleigh couldn’t bring herself to interrupt the cheerful time. And in truth, she was handling things on her own just fine.
    Ardent Springs didn’t offer anything as convenient as a mall, but the downtown area had developed quite a bit since she’d left for college. Her mother had dragged her to a cute little store on the corner of Fourth and Main last summer, so Haleigh pointed her car in that direction.
    The first person Haleigh spotted inside the store was Lorelei Pratchett, more an acquaintance than a friend during high school. Lorelei’s penchant for drama and rebellion had led Haleigh to keep a comfortable distance between herself and the bold blonde. Haleigh had yet to find her rebellious side in those days.
    As she considered spinning on her heel to beat a hasty retreat, Lorelei caught sight of her. “Hey there, Haleigh Rae,” she called, her voice carrying without the necessity of a megaphone. “Welcome to Snow’s Curiosity Shop.”
    Sliding past inviting displays of old suitcases and funky bookends, Haleigh joined Lorelei near the center of the store.
    “Hello,” she said. “I’m doing some overdue shopping today.”
    “Then you’re in the right place.” Lorelei’s genuine smile went a long way in helping Haleigh to relax. As the store owner approached, Lorelei said, “Have you met Snow?”
    “We met briefly last summer when I came in with my mother, and then again when Carrie delivered,” Haleigh replied as she accepted the petite woman’s nod of greeting. “The place is as quaint as I remember.”
    Unlike the flea markets and consignment shops Haleigh had visited in the past, Snow’s place was organized while maintaining a relaxed and cozy feel. In lieu of junk in piles, themed displays surrounded them, each with an eclectic mix of items that should have clashed but somehow meshed in an inexplicable shabby-chic sort of way.
    The store’s owner had clearly implemented her own style into the business. Her necklace should not have gone with her earrings, and the sweater, which reached the back of her knees, would typically be a no-go on such a petite person. Yet, Snow looked stylish. Like one of those women who could drag three random items from her closet and make them look like something off a runway.
    In addition to missing the decorator gene, Haleigh also lacked in the fashion department. Thankfully, scrubs and a lab coat didn’t require Fifth Avenue know-how.
    “Thanks,” Snow said. “It’s always a work in progress, but I like it. Are you looking for anything specific, or just browsing today?”
    “I’m looking for artwork, actually.”
    “Can you be more specific?”
    “Afraid not,” Haleigh said, embarrassed that she couldn’t offer a better answer. “I have a bare, dark blue bedroom wall to fill, but no idea what to put on it. If you’ll point me in the right direction, maybe something will catch my eye.”
    “Of course,” Snow said. “There are a couple of areas to check out, but I’d suggest starting along the left wall over here.”
    “Do you want any help?” Lorelei asked.
    “No, thank you,” Haleigh said quicker than necessary. She’d rather skip the humiliation of anyone realizing how inept she truly was at this decorating thing. “But I’ll call if that changes.”
    Unbelievable. Haleigh could handle bringing tiny humans into the world on a daily basis, but found two stylish women inordinately intimidating. What a proud moment.
    Flipping through a small stack of still-lifes, Haleigh gave each an immediate pass. Being greeted every morning by a bowl of fruit didn’t seem very inspiring. The piece needed to be beautiful, of course, but uplifting, too. Something that would tell a story and maybe even make her think.
    This was what happened when you sent a bookworm to do a decorator’s job.
    Sifting through the next stack, she found three unicorn

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