Lord Edward's Law (Women of Wintercrest)

Free Lord Edward's Law (Women of Wintercrest) by Maggie Ryan

Book: Lord Edward's Law (Women of Wintercrest) by Maggie Ryan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maggie Ryan
only to put his finger into her sopping pussey to lubricate it well.  She whined when she felt him press his finger against her now-slick hole.
    “I told you to be still.  I won’t hesitate to give you a sound spanking if you try to get away again.  I suggest you remember your sister’s cries during her thrashing.  Would you like one as well?”  She immediately shook her head violently, the memory of Lucy’s screams filling her head. 
    She felt another pinch on her nipple and yelped,  “I…I mean no, Sir.  Please, I don’t want a strapping, Papa.”  Edward released her nipple and smiled up at her. 
    “Then relax and open your pucker for my finger, young lady.”  She looked horrified at his command, but when he pressed the tip of his finger against her again, she didn’t pull away.  She gasped as she discovered he truly meant to invade her body in such a way.  She tried to remain still, but couldn’t stifle a whimper as he continued to press his finger into her, stretching her in a way she never imagined.  He watched her little hole expand bit by bit as he sunk his finger deeper, and didn’t stop until he was buried in her bottom up to the second knuckle. 
    He moved his gaze to her face and smiled ,  “That’s my good girl.  I’ve claimed your mouth and your pussey, Louisa.  One day soon, I will be burying my cock deep inside your bottom-hole to claim you there as well, my dear.”  Her face was priceless as she considered his words.  She knew they were a promise and her bottom clenched around his finger, even as she felt a gush of moisture flood her shorn pussey.  Edward saw it as well and leaned forward.  He was soon lapping at her center, even as he began to frig her bottom-hole.  She soon forgot her shame as her body responded to his attention.  She came so hard that her contractions almost managed to push his finger from her bottom.  Edward was enormously pleased, and even as he sunk himself back into her pussey for his final release, he knew he would continue to train her little bottom to take him as well.
    She blushed at the memory , but after a quick slap against her bottom, she climbed out of the bed.  She followed him into the water closet and watched as he tested the water in the tub.  She had obviously been asleep when the servants had filled their tub.  Satisfied that the water wouldn’t burn his little one, he helped her into the water.  She sighed with the bliss of the warm water and sank down to her chin.  He laughed and was soon bathing her, making sure he cleaned every inch of her in the most thorough way.  She felt his fingers sliding through her sex, slick with both the soap and her cream.  The lack of her pubic hair seemed to heighten every sensation and caused her to moan as he made sure every crevice had been scrubbed.   She moaned as she felt his finger slide down the crease of her buttocks to tap against the opening in her bottom.  Edward saw her close her eyes and heard her drawn in breath and smiled.  As he pressed his cloth covered finger harder against her opening, she whimpered and tried to pull away.
    “Be still Louisa, Papa is going to wash every single bit of his little girl.”  She blushed hotly and continued to quiver as he did just that, trying not to think about the mixed sensations he was causing in her body.  Once he had made his point, his finger left her and ran once more quickly up between her lips.  She heard him chuckle and her face turned scarlet, knowing exactly what he had found and what he must be thinking.  Edward said nothing and simply lifted his child-bride from the tub and wrapped her in a thick towel.  Louisa was led back into the bed chamber and, seeing the clothes laid out on the bed, began to whimper.  Her husband gave her a look of warning and stripped the towel from her body.  As he picked up the pair of white bloomers with tiny rows of ruffles completely covering the seat, she had started to cry.

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