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Authors: Jessica Wood
    “Dean, sometimes the most important things in life will happen when you least expect it. So who knows, maybe someday you’ll meet the most important person in your life on some seemingly ordinary day without even knowing it.”
    That was one of the last things the Blonde Bitch from my past had said to me the moment she’d ripped out my heart. And that was one of the few things I couldn’t seem to erase from my memories of her, regardless of how many nameless women I’d fucked since then.
    That is complete bullshit. I had thought that then, and I still thought that now.
    Those were the statements made by the same type of people who believed that Valentine’s Day was an actual holiday, and not some commercialized bullshit of a day created by Hallmark to make their billions. Those were the statements made by the same type of people who believed in love. Those were the statements made by the same type of people who thought it was possible to forgive and forget. Those were the statements made by the weak person I once was when I still had a heart, when I had allowed another person to dictate my life.
    But now, I’d changed for the better. I wasn’t one of those fools who believed in such nonsense. I had learned my lesson the hard way. The only thing I wanted now was to live a long and commitment-free life.  
    But ten years after the Blonde Bitch’s words, it had happened.  
    It was on an idle Wednesday evening when I had met Blair Parker — the brunette with the infinity tattoo on her wrist.
    I had stopped by the grocery store on my way home from work to pick up my weekly supply of Trojan condoms—something I went through almost as frequently as my morning coffee. The second I had spotted her, I knew she’d be my next target. As I had eyed her from head to toe, I thought I was ready for this chase and went in for the kill. 
    But I was wrong. I hadn’t been ready for this chase. Not by a long shot.
    She was the wicked curve ball I’d never expected. She was the first woman to talk back to me, the first woman to resist me the way she had, the first woman to taunt me and take control of our cat and mouse game. She was the one woman I had to break my one and only rule to chase down. And when I finally conquered her as my 736th notch on my proverbial belt, I thought I’d finally won. I thought I could move on.
    But I was once again wrong.
    The second I had felt myself inside of her, I knew something was different this time around. Somehow without knowing it was happening, she had planted an insatiable need inside of me, a thirst for more of everything she had to offer. She was like a drug, and one taste of her had taken me on an indescribable high I didn’t want to come down from. I was hooked and I needed more.
    But then life threw me another curve ball.
    I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime. It was an opportunity to achieve the success I’d worked so hard for. It was an opportunity anyone in my position would kill for. It was an opportunity that I’d be crazy to say no to.
    But there was a catch. There was a price to pay. There was something I needed to do in exchange for this opportunity.
    To become the youngest partner at the most prestigious international law firm William & Sutter LLP, I had to make Blair the casualty of my success.
    Chapt er One
    A hushed male voice in the other room woke me. I couldn’t make out what the man was saying, but something about that voice caused every nerve in my body to come alive with need.
    I moaned as I shifted in the bed, slowly awakening from my heavy sleep. It took me another second to realize that I was naked under a layer of white satin sheets in a hotel room. Then, as if someone had opened the floodgates to my memories, everything that had happened last night with Dean came rushing into my consciousness.
    “Shit,” I groaned under my breath as I searched the room for my clothes. I got out of the bed, wrapping the sheet around my body. I

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