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Authors: Lacey Wolfe
It took everything in him not to shove her against the wall, kiss his way from her mouth to h er cleavage and get lost in that blouse. His face grew hot when he realized he was no longer looking at her face, but straight into her blouse. She noticed too.
    “I have to go,” he mumbled.
    “Will you be back tomorrow?” she asked.
    He had no idea. He wasn’t suppose d to be back tomorrow, but he didn’t know if he could stay away.
    “Only if Nikki calls and needs help.”
    Olivia stepped forward and gripped his shirt, pulling him into her. She leaned forward near his ear and whispered, “Since you no longer work for me, we can play any time.”
    That was it. H e was going to explode in his pants. Right as he was about to give into the temptation and take her lips, she released him. On her heels, she spun and strutted away, letting those hips sway, and him with a hard-on.
    The girls had been nestled in their beds for at least half an hour. Olivia had changed out of her work clothes finally and was relaxed comfortably on the couch in a baggy t-shirt and sweats. She mindlessly flipped through the channels, but nothing was catching her attention. She needed something to help her drift to sleep. It would be great to be normal and go to sleep in her bed, but being in it reminded her that she was alone.
    Maybe it was time to move on. Why was she living somewhere that made her so unhappy? She hated the neighborhood. She hated this big house and what it represented. Everything in here reminded her of Eric and the sorry state that he’d left her in. Perhaps Jamie was right, and she needed to stop worrying about having the best of everything and living in the it places, and go where she was happy. The girls and she didn’t need this huge place. Besides that, there was no guarantee she could afford it. Eric’s child support and her paycheck were only going to go so far.
    Yawning, her eyes closed. Tomorrow she would start searching out a place to call her own. She finally began to feel comfortable and ready to drift off, when a light knock sounded. Who would be here at this hour? A hopeful glimmer of hope shot through her that maybe it was Jamie. Maybe she tempted him enough that he was coming over to take her in a naughty way.
    If only she was wearing something besides sweats, but there was no time to change. Brushing her fingers through her hair, she opened the door. Her hopeful mood changed instantly.
    “Eric, it ’s late.” She crossed her arms. Why was the person she always hoped to see there never there? Instead of the hot man she wanted to see, the one man she didn’t was there.
    “I’m guessing the girls are asleep then.”
    “Uh, yeah.” Was he serious ?
    Eric pushed his way inside.
    “Oh please, come in.” She closed the door shut with a thud. Maybe he’d catch the drift she didn’t want him there.
    Eric took a seat on the couch, obviously waiting on her to join him. “I miss this place.”
    “You can have it.”
    He gazed into her eyes. “I don’t want it without you.”
    She rolled her eyes , not returning the connection he was attempting.
    “Have you given any thought to me coming home and us being a family?” He had a look of hope in his eyes.
    She was going to love squashing it too. “No.”
    “No you haven’t thought about it?”
    “No as in, we aren’t getting back together. ”
    “I don’t think this is what you want. You’re not the family type of man.” It was the truth. The sooner they both faced it, the better.
    “I am too, ” he argued.
    “Why do you want back then?” This should be good.
    “I miss the girls and you. I miss the house, the neighborhood parties. I liked what we had. It worked.”
    “If it worked, why did you turn to another woman?”
    He raked his hands through his hair. “It was so stressful here, and it was easy with her.”
    Typical of a man when things get tough— they stray. Thank God they weren’t married and they didn’t have to file

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