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for divorce. She could be done with this asshole a whole lot faster.
    “It ’s not going to get any easier. The girls will get older, and they are going to demand more. The teenage years are still ahead. I’m sorry, but just because it didn’t work out with this lady you were seeing, when things get tough again, who’s it going to be next? Are you going to tough it out like I do and just hope it gets better, or are you going to stray to some other woman whose willing to open her legs and make you feel all better?”
    Eric shook his head and she had his answer. He couldn’t promise her.
    “It’s over, Eric. I’ve accepted it and I had thought you already had.”
    “I don’t want it to be though.” He sounded genuine and she actually believed that at this moment, he meant it. He wanted it to work, but he also knew deep down that it wouldn’t.
    After a few moments of awkward silence, Eric finally stood. He walked toward her and wrapped his arms around her. Her body froze for a moment and then relaxed. She hugged him back, knowing this is what he needed at the moment. It was the embrace that signified it was the end and it was mutual. A tear trickled down her cheek. This was the official end and even though it was what she wanted, she was sad to see this chapter closing.
    Eric released her then stared into her eye. She saw a slight moistness in the corners. “I hope you and Jamie are happy.”
    “I don’t know that he wants anything to do with me,” she said.
    “He’s in love with you. Whatever you did, he’ll forgive.”
    Hopefully. “I hope you’re right.”
    This was awkward, getting advice from her ex on her current interest.
    “Listen, we can work out the details later, but the girls and I are going to move someplace else. Something smaller. I can’t stay here.”
    He raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”
    “Yeah, even if it was affordable, I need to move on.”
    “Well, we’ll sell it and split the money. I don’t want it either if we aren’t all going to be here together.” He glanced around, taking in the room. “Take as long as you need though. We’ll talk about the details soon.”
    “Sounds good.”
    Eric nodded and then went toward the front door to leave. Olivia stood there feeling at peace. She wasn’t at all sure how long she and Eric would be getting along, but she would take it. Maybe, deep down, Eric knew it was over before he even came here. He certainly didn’t put up much of a fight when she told him.
    Once again, she let out a loud yawn. Maybe tonight she would try to fall asleep in her bed after all. Turning the TV and lights off, she wandered through the darkness to her room. Once she climbed into her bed, she pulled the covers up, tucking them under her head and snuggled in. Tomorrow was a new beginning.

Chapter Nine
    It was Friday, finally. Olivia never knew she would love this day so much. Even better, she was getting out early. She had promised to take the girls out to eat for being so great with the new nanny. Nikki was doing better and was really good with the girls. She just wasn’t flexible. Though, that might be good with Dr. Collins. Give him an inch and he took a mile.
    As she drove home without anything to distract her, Jamie came to mind. It had been three days since she’d seen him. Three long and miserable days. He’d only been in her life a short amount of time, but there was no turning back. She needed him. However, she still had a few things to take care of before she went to him. She knew she had to show him she wasn’t the same woman who was concerned with petty gossip and neighborhood social power struggles.
    After dinner, she had an appointment with a realtor. This week Olivia had chatted back and forth with Mary the realtor, and she found what she hoped was the perfect house in the right price range. It was only to rent for now, which was fine. Olivia was nowhere near ready to buy a house.
    Once dinner was finished at a

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