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Authors: Lacey Wolfe
local-all-you-can-eat-buffet, they headed toward what she hoped was their future home. Pulling up to the house, it looked perfect. It was a typical ranch style house. Not a thousand windows and arches that made your house better than anyone else’s. Just a simple white, one story rectangle with black shutters. Morgan was the first out of the car. Olivia followed as soon as she got Emily.
    The realtor wasn’t there yet. Probably running late. Around back, Morgan had already found a simple wooden play set and was swinging. This could work. They could be happy here. All she needed now was the paper to sign.
    Her cell phone rang. It was most likely Mary calling that she was almost there. Not even glancing at the screen, she answered. She recognized the deep voice instantly. Her heart literally skipped a beat.
    “Jamie,” she said.
    “It’s been so tough being away from you these few days.”
    She smiled. “Well, hopefully soon we can see each other. The girls miss you.”
    “I miss them too.” The tone of his voice told her he was disappointed she hadn’t immediately said she missed him.
    Right as she was getting ready to tell him she missed him, Mary pulled up. “Listen, Jamie, it’s not a good time. Can I call you back?”
    “I’d like that. Talk to you soon.”
    “Wait, Jamie.” She started, but it was too late. He’s already hung up. Crap.
    Well, there was nothing at this moment she could do. Tossing the phone into her purse, she greeted Mary. Olivia called to Morgan, and they headed inside to take a tour of the house. Fingers crossed the inside was as perfect as the outside.
    The house had been as perfect as she had hoped and they could move in as soon as they were ready. Olivia dropped the girls off with Eric Saturday morning and went home to get a head start on packing. She was so excited; she wanted to get everything in boxes before the upcoming weekend when the girls would be with their father. It felt so good taking charge of her future and no longer being dependant on anyone.
    Her thoughts drifted back to another moment she had been proud of herself. Kelly had stopped her one night last week after work.
    “Olivia!” Kelly had called.
    At the mailbox, Olivia turned to see Kelly in her jogging suit, going on her evening walk, making sure to keep that size zero figure.
    “Hi , Kelly.”
    “Well look at you. You look so tired. Being a single and working mom looks like it ’s been rough on you.”
    Olivia rolled her eyes , but also felt sorry for Kelly. This woman had to be miserable in her own life to always nit-pick someone else’s life. Olivia saw that now.
    “It is a change,” Olivia said.
    “I couldn’t do it. Can’t you and Eric make it work?”
    “No, that’s over.”
    “Well, I tell you, I’ve missed seeing that man you had watching your kids. He was some eye-candy. Too bad he was gay. It seems like all the good ones are.”
    “ Actually,” Olivia said. “He isn’t. He’s straight and I had to get a new sitter because he’s my lover.” Okay, maybe she went a little too far. She probably could have just said he was straight and she was seeing him, but seeing the reaction on Kelly’s face made it all worth it. She was going to be so jealous.
    “You were sleeping with the help?” Kelly looked absolutely shocked.
    It was then Olivia realized it didn’t matter one bit what she said. Somehow Kelly was going to turn it around and try to make her feel bad about it. Truth was, Kelly had to do it to make herself feel better. Her kids were brats with no manners. Her house might be gorgeous and well kept, but it wasn’t from her skills. Most likely, she was a lonely housewife with nothing better to do then make those around her feel bad about their lives.
    “Good nigh t, Kelly. I’ll see you around.” Olivia wasn’t going to indulge her anymore. Let Kelly have the satisfaction she had won. Maybe then she would at least jog the rest of the way home with a smile on her

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