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buyers increased by about ten percent in comparison to the previous year, according to the Allensbach study the number of Fleurop Internet customers increased by one third. For next year, the company is expecting another two-digit increase in online sales.
    Aside from precisely coordinating all advertising measures, such as e-mail marketing, banner ads, and POS tools for the classic advertising activities, partnering with candy manufacturer Ferrero (brands, among others, are Mon Chéri, Rocher) proved to be very successful. Flower coupons, attached to special campaign packages, allow customers to get discounts at the Fleurop shops.
    Matching its products’ emotional orientation, Fleurop AG plans to increase its involvement in the area of corporate citizenship. During June, July, and August of last year, Fleurop offered so-called “UNICEF bouquets.” From the sale of each bouquet, four euros were donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund. The customer donated two euros and Fleurop added the other two. A highly effective measure for customer management.
    Various studies give proof that a company’s extensive social engagement, such as Fleurop’s, shows an immediate increase in sales, not to mention the effect of positive brand perception by the customers.
    Conclusion: By employing varied measures, Fleurop AG manages to display a positive presence in a variety of target groups from the end user to business to business customers. The business to business area is developing into a highly successful enterprise where Fleurop is keeping custom-tailored , individual offers available .
    Palabras para recordar
    sales approach: selling method, tactic, or style
    to rely on: to bank on, to trust in, to count on, to bet on
    measures: ways, methods, channels, courses, instruments
    to trigger: to activate, to set off, to generate, to prompt, to elicit
    to pleasantly surprise someone: to delightfully astonish or astound someone
    conducted by: carried out by, done by, performed by
    to give proof: to produce evidence, verification, or confirmation
    to be attended to: to be taken care of, dealt with, or given one’s attention to
    to call on: to appeal to, to ask, to request, to urge
    to enrol: to register, to sign up, to put one’s name down
    bouquet: bunch or spray of flowers
    to persuade someone to do something: to convince, sway, or induce someone to do something
    to contribute to: to be conducive to, to lead to, to be instrumental in
    involvement: engagement, commitment
    two-digit: any number between 10 and 99
    aside from: apart from, notwithstanding
    tools: instruments, means
    candy manufacturer: sweets producer, confectionary maker
    attached to: fixed to, fastened to, stuck to, affixed to
    matching: to go with, to complement, to harmonise with
    donated to: given to, contributed to, bestowed upon, provided for
    various: numerous, many, a number of
    not to mention: not counting, not including, to say nothing of, in addition to
    brand perception: trademark recognition, awareness, or cognizance
    custom-tailored: customised, made to order, custom-made
    to keep something available: to keep something on hand, obtainable, or ready

    Correct assessment of customer inquiries
    All the efforts the sales department puts into the acquisition of a new customer often turn out to be in vain because the prospect decides to buy from the competitor after all. One corrective measure to prevent this is a substantiated calculation of the buying probability for each customer inquiry.
    In principle, it is true that each customer inquiry has to be answered as quickly, competently, and comprehensively as possible. But businesses have to bear cost-effectiveness in mind and can’t allow themselves to pay the same degree of attention to each prospect .
    The internationally operating market research firm Vocatus, based in Munich, developed a model called lead scoring, which supports companies in the assessment of customer inquires. Based on statistical

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