Mona Lisa Eyes (Danny Logan Mystery #4)

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Authors: M.D. Grayson
there was nothing.”
    I nodded and considered this. “Young woman. No sexual assault. No trauma. You think that means it was somebody she knew, maybe?”
    He shook his head. “No idea one way or another. We’ve considered the same thing, though .”
    I thought about this for a second and then said , “I’m sure you have a suspect list.”
    He nodded . “Sure. ’Cept it’s more of a ‘person of interest ’ list, really. I hate to say it, but it’s damn short and the fact is, so far we don ’t have anything that would lead to bumping any of them up to suspects yet. In fact, I got more reasons to take most of ’em off the list altogether . Most everyone has a solid alibi. I just haven’t done it yet. We need a break on this case and so far, it ain’t coming.”
    “How ’bout anything from CIs?”
    Ron shook his head. “We got all our people squeezing every snitch they got. So far, no one knows anything. Or, at least, no one’s talkin’.”
    I nodded. “How many people you got working on this?”
    “Between you and me? We’re down to fifteen. But that knowledge is a serious fuckin’ state secret and if you tell anybody, I’ll deny it and then right before I get canned, I’ll kick your ass, Captain Jerry be damned.”
    “Fifteen? Really? I thought there were like forty people on the task force.”
    “There were. Politics put ’em on. Economics took ’em off. Technically, they’re all still on. But a bunch of guys have been quietly shuffled back to their normal duties. Be different if we actually had any of them things called leads, but as it is, I don’t have enough going on to keep that many people busy anyway.”
    I nodded and thought about this. “Understood. Aside from babysitting Cecilia, where do you want us working?”
    “That’s not enough? Oops,” he glanced at Toni. “I forgot. You guys are going to solve this for us.” He nodded. “Good. That being the case, you tell me. Where do you think you can help?”
    I thought about it for a second, then I held up the DVD. “How ’bout we do this? Why don’t Toni and I study the evidence today and tomorrow, and then we can hook back up on Monday after your meeting. We’re seeing Nicki Thoms at ten Monday morning . We’ll give you a call when we’re done .”
    He nodded. “Good. And seriously, something to keep in mind . Even though we like to keep things light around here , we’re committed to solving this case and we’re happy to take help from wherever we can get it .” He paused for a second. “Even from a couple civilians such as yourselves.”

    “Do you think what he said about Sophie was really true?” Toni asked. “All those nice things ?” We were in my Jeep driving north on Fourth Avenue on our way home. The downtown traffic on Saturday afternoon was light, and we were making good time.
    “Who? You mean Gaston?”
    I tried to recall his speech. “I don’t know. He sounded sincere. Cecilia said Sophie was doing well at work, but Gaston made her sound almost like a saint.”
    “Yeah. Oliver stuck up for her too ,” she said. “Cecilia seemed pretty much down on both girls at first until Oliver defended her. Gaston seems like he lands on Oliver’s side, that’s for sure.”
    I nodded. “Yep. Keep in mind that he was on stage today, trying to raise money for a new fund. He ’s a pro at that. I get the impression that the hail-fellow-well-met persona of his is quite polished. Even if he knew of any faults Sophie might ’ve had, he’s not going to bring ’em out in front of three or four hundred potential donors.”
    She nodded. “That’s true.”
    We drove for several minutes, listening to Demi Lovato playing softly on the radio, asking us to give her heart a break.
    “The pictures get to me,” Toni said, interrupting the music.
    “Sophie’s pictures?” I remembered the large posters in the ballroom.
    “How so ?”
    “I don’t know. It’s like, I always get a

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