Free Trouble by Sasha Whte

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Authors: Sasha Whte
stopped next to Val and said something to him softly. Samair stepped back and watched them, the music and chatter of the club making it impossible to hear what they were saying. She didn’t need to hear them though, the bouncer was pretty hot and the view alone was enough entertainment.
    Well built with muscles on his muscles, a nice tan and a firm round ass, he looked like he should be in the fireman’s calendar wearing nothing but a bow. She imagined unwrapping the bow and a little tingle went through her. Damn, she was horny. It was like her body needed to make up for the time she’d spent faking it with Kevin.
    Val nodded at the bouncer before stepping forward to focus his attention on Samair again. “Did you make this?” He ran a fingertip along the top edge of her corset, leaving a trail of fire in it’s wake.
    Breathe, she told herself. No jumping his bones in the middle of the club. “I did.” She had to get him up to his office.
    “It suits you. Very sensual, but with a tinge of innocence. Do you realize what a turn-on that combination is?”
    She licked her lips, struggling to calm her heart rate. He inched closer with every husky word. She shifted with him until her back was flat against the wall and the crowded room disappeared behind his broad shoulders. Things were heating up fast. Again.
    She toyed with a button on his dress shirt. The one right above his belt buckle. “What else turns you on?”
    “I’d like to—”
    “Sammie! Oh my God! You’ll never guess what just happened!” Joey ran right up to them and grabbed Samair’s arms, dancing around.
    Shit! She was never gonna get any at this rate.
    Joey glanced at Val, who’d straightened up and taken a step back from the girls. “Sorry to interrupt. But a guy just came up to the cage and asked me to audition for a part in a music video he’s producing!”
    “Woo hoo!” Samair gave her friend a hug. Joey was practically vibrating with happiness and Samair’s heart filled to bursting for her. This was much more important than sex. “This is it, girl. Your big break. Soon you’ll be able to tell everyone you were discovered while cage dancing at Club Risqué.”
    “The guy just approached you while you were dancing in one of the cages?” Val’s voice was soft.
    “Yeah. I saw him watching for a while, but well, that’s the whole point of dancing in those things, right? To get people watching, then moving. Anyway, after a few songs he walked right up and handed me his card. He said to call him to set up an audition if I wanted. Which of course I want!” She rolled her eyes.
    Val took the plain white business card from her hand and ran his thumb over the name. “Have you heard of this guy before?”
    “No.” Joey’s grin faltered. “But there’re tons of video producers around town. Vancouver’s music scene is pretty big.”
    Samair gave Val a stern look before squeezing Joey’s hand. “I’m sure he’s for real. Even if it’s not a top-forty video, it’s work, right? It’s getting you out there into the industry where you can make contacts and line up even more jobs.”
    “Don’t mind me,” Val said with a self-depreciating chuckle as he handed the card back. “I’m suspicious of everyone. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Excuse me for a moment, I’ll be right back.”
    They both watched him walk away.
    “Okay, I can see why you hooked up with him. He is fine , and if he ever looked at me the way he was looking at you, I’d probably burst into flames.”
    “Lord help me, that man is seductive.”
    They looked at each other. “Do you think he’s right?”
    “About the producer guy?” Samair asked. “I think he’s right in that you should be careful, but I also think that you’d be an idiot not to go audition.”
    A grin split Joey’s pretty features. “Good. Because I’m going.”
    Val returned and directed them to the booth where the dancers usually gathered. There was a bottle of champagne and a tray full of

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