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Authors: Lisa de Jong
I’ll even buy you a funnel cake.”
    I’m too shocked to speak. No one has ever talked to me like this, and I don’t know how I feel about it. He’s almost to the door when I find my voice again. “I’ll meet you there at three. At the entrance to the carnival.”
    He nods, confidently walking right out the door.
    I don’t know what just happened. I wanted to say no, but my heart won out. Only time will tell if this is something I’ll regret.

    W ORK FLIES BY WAY TOO FAST . We’re busy because people from surrounding communities have come over for our town’s summer festival. I secretly wish my boss would ask me to pick up an extra shift tonight, but he doesn’t. I don’t even have Asher’s number to call and tell him something came up or that I’m sick and can’t make it.
    Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have to keep my word and meet Asher at the fair.
    The whole drive home, I mentally run through all the scenarios on how this afternoon could go. I’m stepping way outside of my comfort zone to do this today, and if I admit that to him, I don’t think he’ll be surprised. My plan is to tread slowly, and if something goes wrong, I’ll just go home. I’m trying not to make this harder than it has to be. It’s a public place; there will be plenty of people wandering around.
    Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually have a little fun. And at the very least, I’m getting some free fair food out of it.
    I quickly jump in the shower, because I only have thirty minutes to get ready. I decide on dark skinny jeans and a long green tank I have hanging in my closet but have never worn. I don’t have time to dry my hair, so I put some product in it and let the natural waves take over. I’m not one for much make-up, but I apply some moisturizer, a little mascara and a thin layer of lip gloss. I don’t care how I look most days, and I’m not going to go out of my way to get all dolled up for a guy I barely know.
    My nerves don’t boil to the surface until I’m in the car, heading toward the center of town. My stomach is in knots as I drive around, looking for a place to park. I pull into one of the church parking lots and finally find an empty spot. My hand shakes when I reach up to turn the car off.
    The thought of just going home runs through my mind again, but something tells me that Asher would be at my house looking for me not long after. It wouldn’t be hard to figure out where I live if he doesn’t already know. Maybe this should scare me, but something deep down inside tells me he would never hurt me.
    Carrington Days is a big festival with carnival rides, entertainment, and plenty of fried food. Later tonight, they’ll have a free concert in the park with a beer garden. I haven’t been here the last couple years, but I remember coming here as a kid and having a really good time. My mom used to let me go on five rides, and then right before we went home, she would buy us a bag of the warm Tom Thumb donuts. Just thinking about those makes my mouth water. Those are the type of memories I always want to hold onto.
    It feels as if a million butterflies have been let loose in my stomach by the time I reach the entrance. I don’t see Asher anywhere, so I find an empty spot on the bench and wait. Maybe he’ll do me a favor and just not show up.
    I recognize many of the families that walk past. If anyone is surprised to actually see me here, no one acts like it. One little girl walks up to me and reaches a hand full of sticky cotton candy in my direction. “No, thank you,” I say, smiling as her mom comes up behind her and apologizes. I would love to be that young again; things were so much simpler.
    “So you can smile,” a deep masculine voice says from behind me. I look over my shoulder; Asher is standing there, grinning at me. He looks tired, but good in his khaki shorts and light blue t-shirt.
    “Everyone can smile,” I reply hesitantly, standing to face him.
    “Yeah, but not everyone

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