Annihilate Me: Holiday Edition
the elevator doors slid open, we stepped inside, Alex pinned me against the
wall, and as he began to kiss me on the neck, mouth, and breasts, I looked up
and saw a security camera pointed down at us from the elevator’s front-left
being video taped.   She’s totally
watching us right now.”
ground himself against my thigh, and then he lightly nibbled on my ear.   “That so?   They have a camera in here?”
over your shoulder, pointed down at us.”
that turn you on?”
with her looking on.”
bad the car is already slowing.   If
we were in Manhattan, think of the damage we could have done if we had fifty
floors instead of just three.”
elevator stopped and the doors opened.   We left the car, walked down a bright hallway that looked newly
remodeled, found our room, and went into it.   I was pleasantly surprised.   It smelled fresh, it looked clean, it
had modern decor, and it had a king-sized bed.   That’s pretty much all we needed right
now.   Score.
me down on the bed,” I said to him.
out of your coat first.”
it off me.”
it first.”
tugged at the buttons in frustration.   They were so large, they were difficult to unfasten.   “I want you.”
want you more.”
want you to take me hard.”
smiled at that, and then he leaned forward and kissed me fiercely on the
lips.   “You think I’m going to be
easy on you?”
better not be.   Get out of your
whipped off his jacket, then his shirt.   “So, what?   Now you’re a
admired his broad chest, the corded muscles that rippled down his abdomen.   He was still slightly tanned from our
month on the island, and his skin looked incredibly soft to me.  
take it one fetish at a time,” I said.   “At this point, I’m apparently a certified exhibitionist.   We’ll see what happens later.”   I narrowed my eyes at him.   “I might even lash you.”
be into that.”
I released myself from my coat, which I tossed onto a chair.   I pulled my shirt over my head, then I
took off my bra and flung it on the floor, exposing myself to him.   He looked longingly at me before he
removed his shoes and tossed them across the room.   We both pulled off our pants and then he
leaned forward and kissed me on the neck.   Again, his stubble, which made my nipples feel as if they were about to
explode.   His breath was hot and
moist, and it smelled of mint.   I
had to close my eyes and focus, or I’d never make it to the bed.   “At the very least, you’re taking off my
panties,” I said.
kneeled in front of me and slowly drew them down so I could step out of
them.   And when I did, he grabbed my
ass and buried his face between my legs with such passion, I had to hold on to
the top of his head just to steady myself.   I whimpered aloud while his tongue darted in and out of me.   He flicked it over my folds and my
clitoris, and I immediately became wet.
pushed a finger inside of me, and I groaned while he began to stroke and search
for that one place that always sent me over the edge.   When he found it, he knew it because my
knees gave a bit.  
was playing me like an instrument he’d already mastered, which at this point he
had.   There were times when I felt
he knew my body better than I knew it myself.   My head fell back at the sensations
coursing through me and at one point, I cried out in pleasure.   I grabbed a fistful of his hair as he
probed deeper—now he had three fingers inside of me, all doing things to
me that was approaching the unbearable.  
then it was unbearable.  
when I started to skate toward climax, he covered my clit with his mouth and
tasted it with rhythmic strokes of his tongue until I came.
I could recover, he stood, lifted

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