Missing in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law Mystery/Romance Series)

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Authors: Jana DeLeon
order to identify it as your property once it’s found.”
    “What the hell would I need the title for? Ain’t like I’m selling it.”
    “You can apply for a lost title. But I’m going to need some way to identify the car.”
    “Title’s probably in the house somewhere, but it might take me a bit to find it.”
    If the inside of the house looked anything like the yard, Indiana Jones probably couldn’t find that title, but that wasn’t Colt’s problem.
    “I’ll have Deputy Nelson do some asking around tomorrow,” Colt said. “If you think of anything else I need to know, give my office a call. I’ll be out of pocket for a day or two.”
    “Those government jobs give you people entirely too much vacation. Always ducking out when you ought to be working.”
    “I’m not vacationing.” Technically, I am, but not really. “We’ve got a missing person…a federal agent and probably kidnapped.”
      Stan’s eyes widened and he stared at Colt for a bit, probably trying to gauge whether he was pulling his leg or not. He must have decided Colt was telling him the truth because he threw his arms in the air again, spilling what remained of his whiskey. “What the hell is this town coming to?”
    “I don’t know, sir. Have you seen anything out of place around lately? Aside from your missing car?”
    Stan shook his head. “Been quiet as far as I know. Who’s the agent?”
    “Name is Raissa Bordeaux. She moved here last year.”
    Stan’s expression went from incredulous to worried. “I know Raissa. She helped me get a hunting rifle sighted a couple months ago. What the hell are you doing standing here jawing about an old car? Get out there and find that girl.” He shook his head. “You young people really need to learn how to prioritize.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    Some days, there was just no winning.

    Chapter Five
    Jadyn pulled Mildred’s sedan into the parking lot of Ted’s Diner next to three Harley-Davidson motorcycles and looked over at Mildred and Helena. “Does everyone understand the plan?”
    Helena rolled her eyes. “You’ve been rattling about it ad nauseam the entire drive.”
    Jadyn turned around and looked directly at her. “So you mean even the dead have heard me.”
    “Low blow,” Helena said and stepped through the side of the car.
    Jadyn and Mildred climbed out and made their way to the front door. “Scan the room first,” Jadyn reminded her, “and if you see anyone who knows you, switch to plan B. I’ll follow your lead.”
    Mildred nodded. “I hope we find out something that helps.”
    “Me, too.”
    Jadyn pushed open the door and they walked inside. Where the café in Mudbug was bright and had a homey feel, the diner was dim and the furniture was run-down, giving the whole place a dingy look. Three beefy tattooed men—the only other patrons—looked up from a table toward the back when they walked inside but then went back to their conversation.
    Jadyn was happy to see the bar counter at the front of the restaurant with the serving window directly behind it. It was something she’d hoped to find, as this way, the kitchen staff would be able to hear their conversation. If the kitchen staff started talking among themselves, Helena would be on point to listen in on the conversation.  
    A red-haired woman who looked fifty but probably wasn’t a day over forty walked up to them, a bored expression on her face. “Help you?” she asked.
    “Yes, two coffees please,” Jadyn said, making a note of her name tag that said “Dee.”
    As Dee reached for the coffeepot behind her, a head popped up in the food service window and Jadyn did a double take. The person was wearing what could only be construed as a Batgirl mask. Jadyn glanced over at Mildred, who was staring at the masked person, her jaw dropped slightly.
    “Helena?” Mildred mouthed.
    Given that Dee was inches away from the masked kitchen bandit and hadn’t even uttered a peep, Jadyn was certain it was Helena.

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