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Authors: Sue Lilley
    She stumbled to the ladies and splashed her face with cold water.  How stupid he’d think she was.  Drunk on two ciders in the afternoon?  That suddenly seemed very funny.
    He was leaning against the wall outside, legs crossed at the ankles, thumbs thrust into his belt loops, exposing the tanned skin above his jeans.
    “You’re very sexy,” she giggled.  She hadn’t meant to say it out loud.
    “And you’re a bit tipsy.  Just as well I’ve got Steve’s car to get you home.”
    He put his arm around her and she snuggled against him, liking the warm feel of his body as he walked her to the car.  It was a classic green MG and as they drove along narrow country roads, the soft wind in her hair made her sleepy.
    She woke up disorientated, glancing about.  The high hedgerows were arching over the narrow road yet sunlight still sparkled like gold through the leaves.  They were parked on the verge by a gap in the hedge.
    “I was thinking you might need a walk?”
    Her head was pounding.  A walk seemed a great idea.  The meadow was pretty, long grass scattered with wildflowers.  And a brook, barely a trickle on a scatter of stones but the water was so tempting they raced to get their shoes off to try it.
    The sun was hot.  It was lovely to lie in the cool grass on the bank, holding hands.
    “It’s been the best day ever,” she sighed.
    “It’s not over yet.”
    Joe turned onto his side, his head in one hand, the other drifting over the bare skin at her waist.  She jumped.  His hand was cold and wet.  He laughed and splashed her again, pulling her towards him.
    His kiss was gentle, teasing a response.  The cider helped.  She parted her lips, enjoying the fire of his tongue.  She slithered against him, her arm curling around his neck.  Her buttons popped and she giggled.
    “Careful,” he groaned, squeezing her bottom.  “I’m only human.”
    “It’s nice.”
    “It’s very nice.”  Pushing her shirt aside, he cupped a breast, squeezing her gently over her plain white bra.  “What about this?” he murmured as he grazed over her nipple.  “Is this nice?”
    She couldn’t speak.  The sun was warm on her skin as her shirt came off.  Then her bra, his lips blazing across her breasts.  His chin rasped over her nipple.  She sighed, couldn’t even open her eyes.
    “What about this?” he teased, sucking on her.  “You want more?”
    His hand was in her jeans.  She squirmed at the probing of his finger.  What was he doing?  But he’d stopped.
    “Sorry,” he groaned, breathing hard.  “I forgot you haven’t done this before.”
    She sat up, a bit woozy.  And shocked to find herself almost naked.  “Did I do something wrong?”
    “Don’t worry about it.”
    She pulled up her jeans, found the rest of her clothes and put them back on feeling miserable.  How had she spoiled such a perfect day?  A tear squeezed onto her cheek.  She tried to wipe it away but he saw.
    “Oh God!  Don’t cry on top of everything else.  I’d best take you home.”
    He dropped her in the lane, wheels spinning as he sped off, clearly glad to be rid of her.  Evie knew she’d blown her one big chance with him.  The party would be ruined.

Chapter 8
    That bloody dress had been the start of everything.  Him playing the big man to impress her.  The tipsy pub lunch afterwards.  Necking by the river then chickening out at the last minute because he’d never had a virgin.
    Joe had been horny as hell when he’d dropped Evie off.  When he’d stopped in the village for a coke, he was waylaid by the barmaid who’d been giving him the come-on all week.  She asked for a lift with her two heavy bags and before he’d even stopped outside her cottage, the clingy red dress was hanging off her nipples and he was bursting in his jeans.
    It was over in moments, hot and urgent and exactly what Joe had thought he needed.  A fuck was a fuck, whether it was a married tart or a sixteen year old

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