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obvious, and she didn’t know why he didn’t just come out and say it. Maybe he was afraid of how she would react?
    There was a light knock on the hotel door and then the bathroom door swung open quickly. Jason walked out of the bathroom, the small white towel hung low on his hips. He had a razor in one hand and she noticed that half of his face was shaved, while the other half was still covered in shaving cream. He walked over to the door and peeked out the peephole, then turned to her, “Did you order food?”
    “Yes, of course I did.” She tried to move him aside so she could open the door.
    “Get back, just there.” He pointed behind the bathroom door. Shrugging her shoulders, she moved to where he told her. She figured if it got her the food, she’d pretty much do anything at this point.
    Finally, after he rolled the cart of food in himself, he shut himself back up in the bathroom to finish shaving. She sat down and started eating her feast while sitting on the bed. Halfway through her chicken ravioli, he came back out wearing gray shorts and a clean white t-shirt. His hair was slicked back and he looked fresher with his shaved face.
    “I ordered you a steak and some pasta.” She nodded towards a covered plate.
    They sat in silence as they ate, and she felt like there was some unspoken tension building. She could feel his nerves build and felt her desire triple.
    “What?” she finally asked after catching him staring at her again.
    “What?” He didn’t even try to hide the humor this time, and she laughed with him.
    “I’m sorry about today,” he said quietly.
    Instantly her mind flashed to what he’d done to her in the restroom.
    “No, God, Katie, not that,” She watched him shake his head. “I’m sorry you had to walk so much. I know my feet hurt. I didn’t know it was that far, I swear.”
    “It’s okay, it’s not like a ten mile walk is going to kill me.”
    “Well, it was more like fifteen, but if you want to call it ten, I can live with that.” He smiled and set his empty plate down, then watched her. She had just finished her plate of ravioli and had uncovered her desert, which she had ordered with him in mind.
    She took the plate with her to the bed and sat down, leaning back against the headboard. She picked up a juicy strawberry and dipped it slowly in the cream, then using just two fingers, she brought the berry to her lips and sucked the cream off it slowly. She heard Jason catch his breath from across the room.
    “ What?” She looked at him, smiling.
    “You ordered strawberries and cool whip for dessert?” he leaned towards her.
    “Yes.” She looked at him and noticed his eyes were a deeper blue than she could ever remember. They roamed over her shirt and she felt her nipples harden. Jason noticed and grinned at her, causing her to get wet between her legs. When did he get the power to do this to her? She had planned on seducing him, how could she have known that he would do the same to her?
    “Come over here and I’ll give you a taste,” she said, then watched as he got off his chair and started walking towards her slowly.
    When he reached the side of the bed, she dipped her finger in the cool whip, then held her finger up for him to lick the cream off. He looked into her eyes and she knew she had won this battle, she could see him submitting to his desire. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned closer, then he took her finger into his mouth and sucked lightly. She closed her eyes on a moan. She couldn’t move.
    After her finger was cleaned, she watched him dip his finger into the cool whip and swirl it around slowly. Then he moved his finger to her mouth and waited as she opened her lips and took the cream covered digit into her mouth and slowly sucked the sweet cream off his finger. She watched as his eyes darkened and thought she heard him moan when her tongue rolled around his finger.

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