King of Clubs
    When she reached the cross she stood, waiting for his instruction.
    “Raise your arms,” he commanded near her ear, surprising her that he was so close to her. How did he do that?
    “Yes, Majesty.” Awai complied, raising her arms so that they were splayed out at the top of the X. Ty produced a magical golden rope out of nowhere, slipped it through a clear hook on the X, and tied one wrist. He took his time, brushing his chest against her back and his arms against hers, in slow sensuous movements that made her pussy flood with moisture. When he was finished, he repeated the process with her other wrist so that both arms were firmly secured, but in the same slow manner designed to drive her crazy with lust.
    Awai took a deep breath as she waited for his next instruction. “Spread your legs,” he said, and she obeyed. The restraints at her wrists allowed her to follow his instructions without losing her balance. He teased her by running his hands along the inside of one thigh, down her boot to her ankle before tying it to the cross with the golden rope. He tantalized her with every touch, his warm breath a caress upon her skin and she swore could feel the heat from his palms through the supple leather boots as he grasped her ankles.
    The crystal cross felt surprisingly warm and comfortable against her cheek, her breasts, belly, and mound. Perhaps it was the white glow, but it was somehow relaxing—even though Ty was driving her out of her mind with need for him.
    A whip cracked behind Awai and her heart beat faster as she realized she was about to be whipped. She swallowed down the rush of fear that tightened her chest, but she couldn’t stop the sudden trembling in her body.
    “What is wrong, my sweet tigress?” he murmured near her ear, his breath fanning her cheek as he spoke.
    “I—I…” Awai couldn’t believe she had such a hard time getting it out. She was a millionaire business woman for crissake, and a former Domme. “Your Majesty, may I have a safe word?”
    “What is a safe word?” From the sound of his voice he was clearly puzzled.
    “It’s a word we agree upon.” Awai swallowed again. “If what’s happening frightens me, hurts me, or is outside my comfort zone, I say the word and you stop immediately.”
    “Of course.” He kissed her neck in that sensitive dip before her shoulder. “What would you like to be your safe word?”
    Awai closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them. “Cherry blossoms.”
    “Then cherry blossoms it is.” Ty gave a soft laugh that tickled her spine. “You have nothing to fear from me, my lovely. I am your King. I will take care of you and make sure you are safe, always.”
    “Thank you, Majesty,” Awai whispered, and relaxed against the cross.
    The rough feel of the leather whip trailed across her shoulders and back. “Do you know why you are being punished, slave?”
    “Yes, Majesty.” Awai shifted against her bonds. “I climaxed without your permission and I did not refer to you as you instructed me.”
    “That is correct, my beauty.”
    The whip slithered over her shoulder, across her breasts and then up her neck. Awai sighed at the sensual feel of the whip gliding over her body. A nervous tingling, a sense of both anticipation and a little bit of fear heated her body.
    “You are as precious as the rarest of flowers,” he murmured as he nuzzled her hair and continued to trail the whip over her body. “Like the cherry blossoms, you are to be treasured and loved in my Kingdom.”
    Awai tensed at the word “love” but relaxed again as Ty moved away and skimmed her back and ass with the whip. She even felt it through the buttery soft leather of the thigh-high boots. Her body was relaxed against the cross, her golden bonds keeping her firmly tied to its surface.
    When she realized the whip was no longer caressing her, she stiffened, waiting for the first blow. Cherry blossoms , she reminded herself. If I don’t enjoy this, all I have to say

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