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her confidence to take a nosedive. She let Staffan turn her around, pulling her against his side as he led her out of the room and past a relieved Bob and the entire crew. Who were all smirking. Again.

    She wanted to die.

    Desperate dogfish.

    How the heck was she going to prove she was sexually experienced when Staffan was her first in everything ?

    Staffan pulled her closer. He was tempted to kiss her hair but managed to keep himself from doing so. That would make people have other ideas about them, and those weren’t ideas he was comfortable welcoming – maybe never.

    He could feel her thinking, worrying, and the way he was so attuned to her thoughts even though they had just met was even more alarming.

    “Ovulating orangespine unicorn fish.”

    Staffan swallowed a bark of laughter at what she was muttering to herself.

    Ah, Saffi March.

    I can’t wait to take your fucking virginity and make you mine.

Chapter Five

    Saffi March changed her status to In an Open Relationship.

    Staffan was throwing her dagger looks, which Saffi did her best to feign ignorance to. He stood poised at the doorway of the airplane, waiting for her – no, he was silently demanding and commanding her with his gaze to go to him.

    But she didn’t want to. She couldn’t. For one thing, she couldn’t risk having any photographer identify her and blow her disguise. Secondly – and this weighed most heavily on her if Saffi was honest – she just didn’t feel good standing next to him.

    Even after everything, he still felt way out of her league. She was a lowly G, or a fangirl if you will, while he was the star of the tour, the man millions all over the world paid fortunes for the opportunity to see him perform on stage. She had no right to stand next to him.

    The door slowly opened with a swooshing sound, forcing Staffan to look away – but not without giving Saffi one last glance. If looks could kill, Staffan would have her six – no, make that sixty – feet under by now.

    Staffan slowly descended from the plane, his professional mask slipping back on his face. But he really didn’t have to pretend. He was in a black mood, which perfectly fit his “cold, aloof, arrogant” image. Or at least that was how most bloggers liked to describe him.

    A red carpet had been rolled out for him, and he curtly nodded his thanks after the welcoming speech of the airport officials. Behind him, the crew was also getting off the airplane, and he heard something that made him stiffen, with Bob almost bumping into his back.

    Saffi was laughing.

    His head snapped up as he turned towards the sound.

    Saffi was joking around with Carson and Bradley.

    Staffan gritted his teeth.

    If this was how she fucking wanted to play the game, then she fucking wouldn’t win it.


    An hour later and Saffi was miserable. Staffan wasn’t just giving her the cold shoulder. He was also allowing local Gs to flirt with him and monopolize his attention. The entire crew had flooded the hotel’s exclusive club, with Staffan declaring an open bar. Of course, Gs who were not above touching cock knobs had been allowed inside the “private” party as well.

    “He’s usually not like that,” Alan whispered to her. All of them – and she did mean the entire crew – couldn’t take their eyes off Staffan and his harem of girls. Some of them were the most seductive women Saffi had ever seen in her life, their every move designed to incite lust.

    How the heck could she compete with that when all she knew about sex was from free Amazon erotica novels? She didn’t dare buy the paid ones since that would show up on her credit card bills, which her parents still took care of.

    Donovan shook his head. “Strictly speaking, he used to be like that before and after his relationship with the Cougar.”

    Saffi knew who the Cougar was even though it was her first time to hear someone refer to Chloe Gustav in such a way. After all, she was one of America’s

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