Heart of Stone

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Authors: Noree Kahika
moves, swoosh , my
panties are removed, thrown to the floor, his hands splayed wide on
my inner thighs parting my legs wide open and exposing my core. I
yelp in surprise.
    “Beautiful,” he murmurs once more as he
traces his fingers tips through my wet folds while watching
intently the path his talented fingers are taking.
    “So wet. Sweet. I’m going to taste you now
    And his mouth is right there. Oh. My. God.
The feeling is exquisite. With one long stroke he licks through my
folds than twirls his masterful tongue around my clitoris sucking
hard, nipping with his teeth then repeating the twirl, suck and
    “Ohmigod, Ohmigod,” I chant aloud almost
screaming out my litany.
    This is the most intensely exotically
pleasurable feeling I have ever experienced.
    Inserting one finger followed by another he
starts to thrust into me not pausing his assault on my clit with
his mouth. Twirl, suck, nip and thrust. Again and again – twirl,
suck, nip and thrust!
    “Aidan, please, please.” I’m begging,
pleading as the start of my orgasm mounts. Higher and higher it
rises to I am soaring then spiraling endless over the edge
screaming out his name through my release.
    I struggle to control my breathing as I
slowly coming down from the most incredibly mind-blowing orgasm
I’ve ever had.
    Aidan swiftly undresses, discarding his
cloths haphazardly on the floor. I hear the sound of foil ripping
than Aidan is poised above me. Deftly he grips the back of my knees
driving them up and out as he lowers himself down on my body. I
feel his erection nudging at my entrance as his fingers grip hard
on my outa thighs.
    “I’m going to fuck you now baby…Hard. Fast.”
He voice is hoarse and determined.
    With one long powerful drive Aidan thrusts
his cock deep within my core on a guttural groan.
    He stills allowing my body to accommodate his
size then grinds his hips in a circular motion. I whimper in
pleasure. Aidan begins to move in and out with forceful drives, his
forearms bearing his weight on either side of my body. My nails
score gently across the flesh of his back then wrapping my arms
around tightly relishing in the feel of his sleek muscles
contracting with his every drive. My right leg instinctively wraps
tight around his waist, my left his hip as Aidan’s intoxicating
scent envelops me.
    Reaching down with one hand he caresses my
clit in circled patterns than pinches with his talented fingers
repeating the divine combination again and again. I feel it
building once more as he is continues plunging into me with
powerful driving thrusts. Throwing back my head I squeeze my eyes
shut tightly absorbed in the overwhelming sensations consuming my
    “Eyes Gabriella. Give me your eyes,” he
orders sharply. My eyes automatically snap open on his command.
    More softly he says. “I want to see you come
for me baby. I always want to see your eyes when you come from my
cock driving into your sweet little cunt.”
    Oh my fucking God!!!!!
    Locking onto his enchanted emerald eyes I cry
out his name just as his lips crash down on mine capturing my
scream of release into the depths of his mouth.
    “You. Are. Mine.” He grates out, his breath
mingling with mine.
    Sweat glistens on his tanned skin as Aidan
continues his relentless rhythm then thrusting once, twice, three
times he stills deep within me burrowing his head in my neck
shuddering his groan of release.
    Gaining control of his breathing, Aidan lifts
his weight up again on one forearm and begins feathering tender
kisses along my jaw line. He nips gently at my earlobe while softly
stroking the hair at my temple. I lightly trace patterns with my
fingertips over his smooth well-defined back floating dreamily on a
post coital Aidan cloud.
    “Uh… that… that was amazing,” I stammer.
    “Yeah baby, that was pretty fucking amazing.”
Aidan says softly grinning at me.
    “Get comfortable, I’ll be back in a minute.”
He lifts the comforter up for me

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