Groupie/Rock Star Bundle
hooded eyes as I reached around to unlace the corset. I lifted up
on my knees to unfasten the jeans and slip them over the curve of
my hips before I kicked them free onto the floor.
    I lay back on the bed, and ran my hand along
his arm, bringing his hand once again to my body. “It’s your
birthday gift,” I murmured. “You should be the one to unwrap
    He groaned as he leaned forward until he was
poised over me, and released the last few loops that held the
corset in place until I was exposed for him. My heavy breasts
bounced free and I felt the cool air hit my body before the warm
rush of excitement of how he appraised me. “Best birthday gift
ever,” he huskily declared as he bent to take one pert nipple
immediately into his mouth. It sent white hot volts of electricity
right to my core as he savored the curve of my breast with his
tongue and his fingers.
    I gasped and wound my hand in his hair.
“Vanni,” I groaned.
    “Say it again,” he murmured against
my skin.
    “Vanni,” I said louder, more
decisively. He rose against my body to lie on top of me.
    With one deft finger I unbuttoned
his shirt and slipped it from his body until we lay naked chest to
naked chest.
    “I’ve dreamed of this,” he confessed
against my lips.
    “So have I,” I admitted. Then, “How does it
measure up to what you thought it would be?”
    He chuckled softly as he spun us
around until he was on his back and I was straddling him in nothing
but my underwear. I could feel him beneath me, under his clothes,
pulsating with need. “You tell me,” he said he challenged with a
suggestive grin.
    I ground against him and he caught
one of my breasts as it swayed in front of him. I tossed my head
back and continued to torment him. He dug his fingers into my soft
hips as we continued our erotic dance with only two pieces of
clothes between us.
    Just when I was about to remedy that little
problem, his cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket. He groaned
in frustration and tossed me onto my back. He kissed me harder as
if to ignore the phone that would not quit buzzing in his
    I probably wouldn’t have complained had it been
positioned in a different spot, but as it was if it was an annoying
pack of mosquitos suddenly attacking our picnic. He broke our kiss
with a curse, and I just smoothed his hair. “You might as well
answer it,” I said. “They’re not going to leave you alone until you
    “Okay,” he relented. “But remember where I
was,” he instructed with another sweet peck on the tip of my
    He leaned back to reach into his pocket, and
groaned at the almost painfully engorged silhouette of his desire.
His desire for me, I mentally corrected. I tucked an arm under my
head with a satisfied smile.
    His face became stern when he glanced at the
caller ID. He turned off the sound and put it on the nightstand. “I
can call them back later,” he said as he turned back to me. “Now
where was I?”
    But I couldn’t forget the photo that popped up
on his phone as easily as he could. It was Lourdes. And she was
calling no doubt to wish him a happy birthday like any devoted
    It was as if a bucket of cold water washed over
me, and I drew into myself as a result. Vanni took immediate
notice. “Andy,” he started as he reached a hand for me.
    “You should answer,” I replied, my voice small
and hard. “She probably wants to wish you a happy
    “Nothing so sweet,” he assured. “She’s probably
just calling to find out when I’m coming home…”
    He stopped, as if he had said too
much. And of course he had. “You live with her?”
    “Andy…” he started but I had already grabbed
the blanket at the end of the bed to wrap around myself. What a
fool I had been. Had I really believed that this night was mine to
    “I think you should go,” I said.
    “Let me explain,” he begged as he
reached out for me again, but I was already off the bed and halfway
to the

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