Champagne and Bullets: Book 1 (Military Moguls)

Free Champagne and Bullets: Book 1 (Military Moguls) by Olivia Jaymes

Book: Champagne and Bullets: Book 1 (Military Moguls) by Olivia Jaymes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Olivia Jaymes
Tags: Romance, Military
We’ll start light and work our way up. No set count since this is just for our mutual pleasure. Don’t hesitate to use your safeword, especially as it’s been so long since your last discipline.”
    Her heart galloping in her chest and her breathing shallow, she waited for what seemed like an eternity for the first impact of his palm on her ass. When it finally came, it was lighter than she expected, barely stinging the skin but still upping the temperature on her bottom. The blows continued growing progressively harder until she was wriggling on his knees. Her butt cheeks had to be glowing red and her hand flew behind her to ward him off but he simply chuckled and anchored her wrist at the small of her back with his left hand.
    “Do you need to use your safeword, Mandy?” Seb paused, waiting for her answer. The last thing she wanted was for him to stop. She’d been needing this for so long and hadn’t even realized it.
    “No, Sir.”
    Her voice was rusty but she must have said the words clearly enough as he began peppering her ass with measured smacks designed to heat the skin and send her pleasure-pain receptors into overdrive. Her mind, always busy with all the things she needed to think about and do, became clear and uncluttered allowing her to sink into the moment and just feel. Nothing else existed but the two of them.
    She was so lost to him that it took her a minute to realize the spanking was over and he was trailing his fingers through her drenched pussy. Skillful fingers circled her clit and her whole body shook as she tried to hold back her orgasm.
    The command was simple and direct but her body didn’t need any second bidding. She exploded from the inside out, the room spinning and the lights dancing. She was still in its throes when he laid her stomach down on the edge of the bed and thrust hard inside of her from behind.
    The feeling of being impaled on his cock was too much and her climax started all over again even as he began to piston in and out, hard and fast. No mercy, no quarter. Not that she wanted any. Amanda reveled in the way he used her for his pleasure as it never ceased to give her pleasure as well.
    Seb’s cock slammed into her over and over, never letting her down from the pinnacle. When he reached around and gave her already swollen clit a pinch, she screamed as another orgasm roared mercilessly through her. It left her weak and shaking even as she heard his own groan and felt the heat of his seed in her pussy.
    Amanda’s eyes swam with tears and they rolled down her cheeks, washing away so much of the baggage she’d been carrying with her all these years. With a muttered oath, Seb gathered her into his arms, rocking her until she was sniffling, her fingers swiping at the wet skin.
    “Aw baby, tell me what’s wrong. What can I fix for you? Was I too rough?” Her cheek was pressed against his chest and she could hear the words rumble under her ear.
    “I’m not sad. I’m happy.” She hiccupped and accepted a fresh tissue from Seb.
    “If I live to be a hundred and one years old I don’t think I’ll ever understand women. Are you sure you’re okay?” She could hear the exasperation in his voice tinged with amusement.
    She dabbed at her eyes and looked up at him, giving him what she hoped was a dazzling smile. “I feel great. Truly.”
    His brown eyes were soft with love and she basked in their adoration. It felt good to be loved so deeply. “Then how about we rest for a little while and see about another go-round?”
    “Yes, Sir,” she replied, her voice strong and sure. Seb was back and she still had his love. Inside she was beginning to feel hope fluttering in her heart and she welcomed the feeling. The only fly in the ointment was that she hadn’t been completely truthful. She’d have to be eventually, of course. It wasn’t something she could keep a secret forever. But tonight was only for the two of them. She would find another – better – time

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