Cupcakes and Killer Heels

Free Cupcakes and Killer Heels by Heidi Rice

Book: Cupcakes and Killer Heels by Heidi Rice Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heidi Rice
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, series, Harlequin Presents
palms spanning her waist then running up her sides as he dragged her close and sank into the kiss.
    His breath gushed out as he pulled away. ‘I suggest we take this indoors, before you get us both arrested.’
    She giggled. ‘Spoilsport…’ She bent to pick up her sandals, laughing as he pressed his palm to the small of her back to direct her towards the exit. She noticed the envious stares from a group of young women sitting at the entrance of the packed café—and had a momentary fantasy in which she was Cleopatra, and Callum her Mark Antony.
    Was there anything more exhilarating, she wondered, than bringing a strong man to his knees? This weekend was about letting her inner flirt off the leash for a short while and reconnecting with the empowering pleasures of great sex. And nothing more.
    The fact that Callum was on exactly the same wavelength had to be a good thing.

    T HE raucous ringing of the phone interrupted the long languid sigh as Ruby stretched, every cell in her body tingling with afterglow.
    ‘Ignore it.’ Cal’s hand caressed her bottom. ‘The machine will pick up in a minute.’
    Easing into a sitting position, Ruby leaned over him and grinned. With his eyes closed, his short hair furrowed into tufts and his cheeks flushed beneath his tan, he looked satisfied and ever so slightly shattered.
    Cleopatra, eat your heart out.
    Ruby Delisantro had brought her Scottish Warlord to his knees. And not just metaphorically speaking. They’d grabbed a cab back to his flat, not wanting to waste time walking back across the Heath, and then jumped each other. But instead of letting him dictate all the moves, she’d managed to surprise even herself with her desire to taste and touch him in ways that would make him beg.
    And okay, maybe he hadn’t exactly begged, but he’d come pretty damn close.
    ‘What’s the matter, Westmore?’ she asked sweetly, brushing the damp hair back from his brow. ‘Too exhausted to even answer your own phone?’
    He opened his eyes, a slow smile forming, the phone still blaring from the living room, then grabbed her round the waist and rolled over, pinning her beneath him. ‘I wouldn’t get too cocky if I were you, Delisantro.’
    She laughed, loving the way his eyes lit with challenge.
    ‘Why not? I made you beg.’
    A bit of an exaggeration, but she intended to push her advantage, as far as was humanly possible. She’d proved that their connection was just about great sex and all was right with her world again.
    ‘You’re good,’ he said, the appreciative chuckle pleasing her immensely. ‘But you’re not that good.’ Framing her face, he pressed his lips below her ear, began to nuzzle the sensitive skin. ‘Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll prove it.’
    ‘A couple of minutes!’ She sniggered, her body so enervated it was almost a sin. ‘Give me a break, you’re going to need more time than that.’
    ‘Don’t be too sure.’
    Knowing him, he probably wasn’t joking, but she scoffed anyway. Because it was required.
    His disembodied voice, measured and businesslike, echoed from the living room, asking the unknown caller to leave a message.
    ‘At last,’ he said, then started nuzzling again. ‘Now where were we?’
    Ruby shivered, ready to let him do all the work this time, when a worried female voice sliced through the erotic fog.
    ‘Cal, where are you? You said you’d come down for Mia’s birthday party this weekend. I expected you over an hour ago. Are you all right? Has something happened?’
    The voice continued in the same vein as Cal swore and raised his head. ‘Hold that thought,’ he said. ‘I won’t be long.’
    Levering off the bed, he grabbed his jeans, tugged them on and left the room.
    Ruby lurched up, the playful mood destroyed. The woman sounded upset. But more than that she’d seen the sudden flicker of guilt cross Cal’s face before he’d masked it.
    Slipping out of bed, Ruby grabbed the towelling robe off the floor

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