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Authors: Andrea Heltsley
me, silent.
    All of a sudden, I start to worry about why he’s so nervous. Maybe he hit it off with Hannah and is trying to let me down easy. That would be just my luck. I finally find a guy worth paying attention to and he is going to choose someone else.
    “Were you having a good time with Hannah?”
    I couldn’t stop the words from coming out of my mouth. How jealous did that just sound? I think I’m going to die of embarrassment if I ever make it out of this conversation. Deep breaths, Callie, I have to remind myself.
    I ’m not prepared for his response. Cody chuckles and his hazel eyes light up. At first, I think he is laughing at me and I frown. Then he pulls my chin up to meet our eyes.
    “Hanging out with Hannah is nowhere near as exciting as spending time with you. In fact, I came to find you early because I had something I wanted to ask you.”
    I hung onto tha t last part and just nodded. I’m not sure where this is going, but it’s unknown and exciting. He takes a step forward and I stop breathing altogether. His thumb lightly brushes across my cheek and then his hand drops to encompass my hand.
    “I don’t know if you know this or not, but I have liked you for , like, ever. You never seemed to notice me. I was looking forward to tonight just for a chance to gain your interest. When my parents told me we would be meeting before the ball, I was stoked.”
    He pause s for a second and then continues. “Then you walked in and you were different. It wasn’t just a tangible thing. It was a feeling you were giving off, like a vibe. I know in the past it almost seemed like you didn’t care about finding a mate.”
    At that comment , I practically choke. “Yeah, priorities change.”
    “ When you’ve looked at me tonight, it’s like you see me for the first time. You are so beautiful when you smile, Callie.”
    Then he steps forward until we are facing each other only inches apart. “I have to ask you, do you have any interest in me?”
    His eyes search mine anxiously for an answer to his question. I think about waiting a beat and letting him sweat, but I’m too excited and I just can’t do it. “Yes, Cody. More than I expected to. What happens now?”
    I see the relief in his eyes as he recomposes himself. “Could I ask you for a kiss, princess?”
    Now I that have a stupid grin on my face. I’m almost too quick to answer. I have to know if there is chemistry to go with this connection we seem to have.
    “I would be honored.”
    That was all the encouragement he needed. He closes the small gap between us and gently grasps my head in his hands. His lips softly press down against mine and I feel a slight tingling where our lips are touching.
    Slowly he intensifies the kiss, parting my lips. I let out a small “mm” sound and he pulls me against him. I can feel every hard plane of his body as it’s pressed against mine. I’m very aware of his hand at the base of my neck, sending tiny shockwaves from its touch.
    I let our tongues intertwine and dance together in a frenzied rhythm. The smell of cinnamon is strong and he feels like home. I only have a minute to wonder what his blood would taste like in my mouth, against my lips.
    My fangs descend and nick his lip. I try to stop, but I can’t. His blood tastes like honey as I trace my tongue over the small cut. It tastes like heaven and everything good in the world. My blood begins to hum and I am on fire with desire for Cody.
    Embarrassed, I snap out of it and pull myself away quickly. My fluorescent violet eyes and fangs are enough to tell me how I feel about Cody. I put my hand over my mouth to cover my fangs, but he just gently grasps my hand and looks down at me. His own hazel eyes are ablaze and I know.
    This is very real. Cody is the one . We are meant to mate.

I’m not sure how long we’ re standing there before the Moment shatters. We hear Hannah asking everyone if they have seen Cody recently. Great, now I have to deal with Hannah.

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