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    Not a man, Alex.
He’s a machine. You helped build him, after all. Maybe it
wouldn’t be any different than a life-size vibrator. She
pressed her lips together. Of course it would be. Just look at
    Alex opened her mouth,
but snapped it shut as she turned back to him. He was smiling at her,
those green eyes sparkling. He ran a hand through his dark hair,
smoothing it out of his face. She realized she was staring, but
couldn’t help herself. He’d changed into a soft grey
pullover and black slacks. The way the material hugged his chest was
nothing short of mouth-watering.
    “I don’t
quite know how to say this. Why don’t we head to my quarters
where we can talk privately? I have an assignment. Well, we have an assignment to get you ready for the field. Command wants to
utilize your, um, your skills against the Tamerians before the
    “I see.”
David cocked his head to one side, studying her. “You’re
nervous. It must be important.”
    “It’s rude
to point out when someone’s nervous, David.”
    “My apologies.
I’ll remember that.”
    They walked side by
side out of the lab, heading through the corridors to her personal
quarters. Ganymede Station wasn’t large by any means, but it
treated its scientists well. Her quarters had a wall of windows
facing the nebula: a rare luxury. She ushered David in and pointed
him toward the couch.
    “Would you like a
drink?” Alex was fumbling with a bottle of wine before he could
    “Yes, if that
helps you relax.”
    She glanced over and
was caught up again in the android’s gaze. How can he seem
so human, when I know every ounce of material that went into his
    After filling two
glasses with white wine, she managed to sit beside him. As she handed
him the glass, their fingers touched. A jolt of attraction shot
through her, making her blush. She cleared her throat.
    “Do you know why
you were created, David?” She licked her lips, and his eyes
focused on her mouth.
    “You and the
other science officers were very clear. I was created to retrieve
secrets from our enemies by any means necessary.” He sipped his
wine and glanced up in surprise. “I’ve never tried this
before. It’s delightful.”
    Alex’s brow
furrowed. “Your mind is a compilation of several soldiers’
memories. Didn’t any of them try wine? Don’t you recall
how it tastes?”
    David smiled and looked
down at his glass. “I do possess certain memories of wine from
the others. But I think you misunderstand me. I have never
tried it. I find that I like it quite a bit.”
    Alex touched his hand.
“I forget sometimes that you are your own man. How could I
    “I don’t
take offense, Alex.”
    David’s gaze was
so intense it made her uncomfortable, but she forced herself to meet
    “Now. Why did you
wake me in the middle of the night?”
    Alex smoothed her hands
back over her face. How do you say “Wanna sleep with me?”
to an android?
    “The Commander
has asked that I teach you… well, that I instruct you…
give you practice in the art of, well…”
David offered.
    Her mouth dropped open.
“Yes, that’s exactly it. Secrets are most easily obtained
in the bedroom, but our soldiers have wives, children. Or worse,
they’re mercenaries who can’t be trusted. We created you
to be the man who could infiltrate an enemy camp and seduce whoever
could give you the information we need.”
    “I completely
understand,” David said, smiling from ear to ear.
    “You do?”
    “Absolutely. I
may have been programmed with the memories of some of your more, how
should I put it, experienced soldiers, but I have yet to
experience it on my own.” His eyes wandered down to where her
lab coat fell open, revealing her button up shirt. He bit his lip,
and Alex’s heart sped up. “I would love for you to teach
me, Alex. I can’t think of anyone better.”
    Her thoughts raced. Why
would he want me? He’s practically a god, and I’m just

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