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Him (The Droid Who Loved Me, Part 1)

Delilah Fawkes

    “Sir, I think you
have the wrong girl for this mission.” Alex pushed her blonde
hair out of her eyes, wishing for once it would stay braided back.
The Commander gave her his “no nonsense” glare, and she
knew he’d never let her out of this one.
    “If not you, then
who, Lieutenant? This has been your project from the start! You know
this man… this creature , better than any officer here.
We need you to make sure it works.”
    Alex sighed and tried
not to roll her eyes. He had her, and he knew it. “I’ll
do what it takes, Sir. But I don’t have to like it.”
    “I don’t
need you to like it, Lieutenant. It’s your duty, and I know
you’ll do it well. You’re an outstanding scientist and a
damn fine woman. If anyone can teach this bucket of bolts what it
means to be human, it’s you.”
    She ran a hand over her
face. “He’s not a bucket of bolts, Sir. He’s an
android. Our android. I wish you’d use his name.”
    The Commander cocked a
bushy eyebrow, his lips drawing into a tight line. “Just get
the job done, Lieutenant.”


    It was the first time
it had ever been done. The space corps needed a spy who could
complete the missions others found unthinkable, so instead of hiring
the usual scumbags they created one they could trust. The best and
brightest scientific minds on Ganymede Station took the memories of
various dead soldiers and fused them together into the perfect
man—able to get his hands on enemy secrets through charm and
seduction, but undoubtedly loyal to their cause. He needed to be
utterly relaxed in any situation, completely trustworthy. Cool,
collected, and above all, sexy as hell.
    The only problem? Their
perfect android spy was still a virgin, and someone had to teach him
the ropes. Alex’s team discovered early on that just because
you programmed a brain to be sexual didn’t mean the android had
clue one about how to seduce a woman or what to do with her once he
Alex entered the dark lab. He usually slept in the back room after
the science staff left for the evening. A beam of light fell across
the far door. It was propped open, and she could just make out his
silhouette resting on his cot.
    “David, are you
awake?” She pushed into the room, feeling self conscious. Did
androids need privacy? Was she intruding?
    David rolled over, his
shimmering green eyes meeting hers in the darkness. “Miss Alex.
How nice to see you.” His voice was deep and even. He sat up
and the thin sheet slid off his body, revealing his nakedness. Alex
felt her cheeks turning red and looked away too quickly.
    “Uh. Wow. Okay…
Nice to see you, too.”
    Against her will, her
eyes wandered downward, over his strong shoulders and sculpted chest,
down the light dusting of hair leading down his stomach and straight
to-... “I need to speak with you, David. Would you mind
putting some clothes on?”
    The android’s
lips twisted into a smirk. “Of course. I wasn’t expecting
anyone so late. You’ll have to forgive me.”
    I’ll have to
do more than that . Alex swallowed hard.
    She never thought she’d
accept a mission like this, even for the sake of science. Hell, even
for the sake of her entire planet. They needed a James Bond who could
infiltrate the enemy—any enemy—through charm alone, and
they needed him fast. The peace talks with the Tamerians were coming
up, and they weren’t exactly known for their charming
personalities. The decades long war proved that. They needed intel on
whether or not a trap was in the works before sitting down with them.
There had been bombings in the past, and they couldn’t take
unnecessary risks.
    She turned away as
David stood and pulled on some clothing. “What would you like
to speak with me about?”
    Alex swallowed hard, at
a sudden loss for words. She was a good girl, a scientist, for God’s
sake! And now she was the one volunteering to teach a man how to

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