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Authors: Charmanie Saquea
                  I took my eyes from the road to look at her, “No baby, I’m not mad. You know, I see a lot of myself in you.”
                  “I sure do, I see how determined you are to do something with your life. I know how it feels to be violated but you can’t let that get you down, you have to beat the odds.”
                  “I’ve been out looking for a job. I’m still in school and no matter what I’ll try to stick it out for as long as I can,” she said.
                  “Well, Daniella, Lakey’s girlfriend, she owns this boutique. She already told me she wants me to come work for her because as you know, I have style,” I laughed.
                  “That you do,” she laughed with me.
                  “So how about we see about her hooking you up with a job also.”
                  “Really Mama Neicey? You would do that for me? I would love that then I could actually pay some rent because I feel bad about living there rent free.”
                  “Lil mama, I already told you, I got you.” I smiled.
                  “MJ is so lucky to have you as a mom, he really is. You are so loving and caring.”
                  “Thanks boo,” I said as we pulled up to the doctor’s office. “Now let’s go check on these babies.”
                  Chyanne went first so she wanted me to come back with her. She was so nervous that her hands were trembling. I grabbed her hand as the doctor checked her out.
                  “Well Ms. Williams, it seems that you are seventeen weeks.”
                  “How many months is that?” Chyanne asked.
                  “That would put you at four months.”
                  She gasped. “Oh my God, I’ve been pregnant for three months and didn’t know? Is that bad?”
                  “No, it’s not. Some women don’t show symptoms right away. I’m just happy you came to us when you did,” the doctor said. “I’ll write you a prescription for some prenatal vitamins and I have a pamphlet with lots of information for you.”
                  “Thank you,” Chyanne smiled.
                  “Well Mrs. Jones, since you’re already in here, I can go right ahead with you next,” she said to me.
                  “That’s fine,” I said.
                  “You want me to leave?” Chyanne asked.
                  “You can stay.”
                  I was shocked when I found out that I was already five months. Now I knew for sure that I got pregnant before the wedding. What’s even more shocking is the fact that I’m not even showing yet. Sooner, rather than later, I will have to tell Mykell. She said I could even find out the sex if I wanted to, but I would wait until Mykell came with me to do all that.
                  After our appointments, I filled our prescriptions and took Chyanne out to lunch. There was something about this girl that I took a liking too. She felt like she didn’t have anybody in the world that she can trust or that loved her and I remember feeling like that once upon a time.
                  “So, I think we need to go on a shopping spree, on Mykell of course,” I said as we ate.
                  “He has you so spoiled. How long have you guys been together?”
                  “Nine years, almost ten,” I answered.
                  “I know we’re still young, but I hope me and MJ make it that long.”
                  “It wasn’t easy boo, trust me on that. I’ve had my fair share of fighting and heartbreak,” I said truthfully.
                  “I understand. I’ve been in a few scuffles myself over

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