Crazy Beautiful Forever (Dirty Twisted Love #3)

Free Crazy Beautiful Forever (Dirty Twisted Love #3) by Lili Valente

Book: Crazy Beautiful Forever (Dirty Twisted Love #3) by Lili Valente Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lili Valente
pressure, knowing she would be even more sensitive there now that she’d already come. “You look like you’re going to explode and not in the good way.”
    “I’ll be fine,” he said, ignoring the heavy, painful pulse in his balls.
    “If my hands were free I could touch you,” she purred, squirming as he intensified his efforts at her nipples, plucking and teasing at her aroused flesh. “I could jerk you off, let you come on my tits.”
    “I don’t want to come on your tits,” he said, kissing her shoulder before biting her there, too. He pulled back far enough to catch her hooded gaze. “I want to come inside you, deep and hard while you beg me not to pull out.”
    “This is starting to sound like a fetish,” she said, teeth digging into her lip as his tongue flicked across her nipple. “You have a thing for knocking women up?”
    “I never thought I did before. But that night in Prague, and now…”
    He wet his lips, the thought of shooting between her thighs making pre-come leak from the tip of his already suffering dick. “Honestly, I’m dying to fuck you bare. I want you to come on my cock, milk me dry while I’m buried balls deep in your pussy.”
    He circled one nipple with his tongue as he rolled the other between his fingers, his body howling with the need to get inside of her, but he forced himself to wait. Her breath was coming fast and her eyes were glazed.
    It wouldn’t be long now. She was going to beg him and it would be the sweetest thing he’d ever heard.
    “It would be so fucking hot to know I might be getting you pregnant again,” he continued, pausing to suckle her nipple, drawing a soft, strangled sound from low in her throat. “But this time, I’d get to stick around and watch your belly grow and your breasts swell. I’d get to strip you bare at night, see the evidence of the life we’d made growing inside of you, and make love to you from behind, slow and deep.”
    “Stop,” she whispered as he transferred his attention to the inside of her thighs, kneading her trembling flesh as he urged her legs farther apart.
    “You don’t want me to stop. This turns you on, I can tell.” He stood, continuing to stroke her thigh with one hand as he brought the other to his cock. “The thought of me taking you without protection, coming with the head of my cock deep inside you while your body pulses around me.”
    He wrapped his fingers around the base of his shaft, giving the throbbing organ a hard squeeze before he began to pump himself slowly up and down, not missing the way Harley’s gaze dropped to watch him. The hunger in her eyes made it even harder to wait. “You want me bare. You want it so bad you’re getting ready to beg me for it.”
    “No, I’m not.” But her hips shifted restlessly and when he brought his thumb to circle her clit her eyes rolled back and a pained sound escaped her throat.
    “Yes, you are.” He thumbed her harder, backing off just as she began to lift into his hand.
    “Bastard,” she cursed, her eyes squeezing closed.
    “I’m not a bastard, all you have to do is beg.” He traced the pulsing head of his cock down the inside of her thigh. He was so close to losing control his entire body felt feverish, wild, but he needed her surrender more than he needed relief. He needed the promise of another night waiting for them when Jasper was safe and this hell was behind them more than he needed anything. “Beg me and I’m inside of you, baby. Deep and hard, just the way you like it.”
    He captured her nipple again, pinching lightly as the head of his cock teased her clit with the barest pressure. “Or we can do this for a little longer until your soul hurts because you need to be fucked so bad.”
    “Please.” She whimpered, her fingers spreading wide before clenching into fists above her head. “Please, please, please.”
    “Please what?” He guided his cock to her dripping opening, letting her feel him ready to go, but not thrusting

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