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Authors: Rebecca Brochu
them to moving back down the street.
    “Don’t let the fact that he’s alone fool you, little wolf. That bottlebrush has some wicked teeth, and he’s well versed in those tricks his kind favor so much. Quinn’s the closest thing we have to an omega and he normally keeps to himself, stays on the outskirts of things, but he’s far from helpless. He doesn’t really say much either, so don’t take it personally in the future. Except for when it comes to the library, he’s fierce about that place. That place and Colby, come to think of it, are about the only things I’ve ever seen him get upset over.” Law looked almost amused, and Declan imagined that there were some memories behind that look that he might want to hear one day.
    “And the pack accepts him? Doesn’t mind having someone so different on their territory?” Declan knew the question came out more vulnerable than he wanted it to. They both knew why he was asking, both knew that the question was more about him and Lachlan than about the fox.
    “I’m not going to lie to you, Declan. There are a handful of wolves that don’t like having him around, that think he should either be chased out or killed. The pack’s not perfect. They give him trouble from time to time, but Quinn will never come clean about who it is. It pisses Colby off more than anything, but he has my permission to take care of anyone he catches acting out of line.” Law looked displeased, like the thought of such things happening in his territory unsettled him in some way. “In the end Quinn is safe because he has my blessing as well as Trace and Colby’s. Plus once they gave him a chance the number of people who like Quinn grew far bigger than the ones who don’t.” Law leveled him with a hard, serious look like he was trying to get Declan to understand something.
    For once Declan thought he might actually get it. With Law and Trace’s support the majority of the pack would take the time to get to know them no matter who or what they were. Even if everyone didn’t accept him and Lachlan in the end they should find more than enough acceptance for life to be good.
    Declan felt as if a weight had been lifted off of him, as if something that had been eating away at him had finally been settled.
    He smiled up at Law who bent down and nuzzled the side of his Declan’s head with his nose.
    “Now let me show you the town.” Law steered Declan around the corner and back down the main street of the town.
    “Law, I’ve seen the town. I’ve been here for hours. You’re a little late.” Declan stared up at Law and felt warmth and a startling amount of affection twist its way through his chest when Law sent him a boyish grin and kept moving.
    “Ah, but you haven’t seen it with me, now, have you?” That was all Law said on the matter and then they were off.
    Law pulled him into shops he hadn’t wandered into yet, and a few he had, including the clothes shop with the were who had winked at him his first time through. She took one look at Law’s arm draped over Declan’s shoulders and wiggled her brows at him teasingly. It surprised a laugh out of Declan that had Law looking at him in surprised pleasure before he tugged him through the door and back out into the town.
    Declan let himself get lost in Law’s lively chatter, let himself get caught up in the alpha’s enthusiasm. Law’s joy, his unrepentant pride in his pack and his territory, was contagious. When night began to creep in around the edges of the town, he was only too happy to let Law tug him into a diner. He was surprised by the way the people inside, were and human alike, called out loud and happy greetings to Law and him both. He was more surprised however to see Trace, apron around his waist and a grin on his face, holding a coffee pot in one hand and a spatula in the other.
    “Oh, alpha, my alpha! You finally brought Declan out on the town! And no better place to come than my humble eatery. Declan, you won’t find

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